Why Your Doctor Is Completely Unaware of Legitimate COVID-19 Vaccine Concerns


    by Arjun Walia, The Pulse:

    I can’t tell you how discouraged I’ve been coming across numerous health professionals and doctors in my personal life who are completely unaware of what, at least to them, should be basic COVID-19 vaccine facts.

    One example would be the fact that natural immunity provides a very robust and long lasting form of protection (perhaps for life) against COVID-19, even when compared to vaccine immunity. This is now firmly established in scientific literature.

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    Another would be the fact that COVID-19 vaccines don’t stop the transmission of the of virus. This was known from the very beginning, the shots were never tested or studied with regards to the ability to stop transmission in the first place, and throughout the pandemic some of the most highly vaccinated populations were experiencing the most outbreaks.

    Despite this fact, many doctors told their patients to “do their part,” simply repeating the messaging we were subjected to by pharmaceutical companies, politicians, and countless advertisements on television and the radio.

    There are several other concerns, like the fact that a doctor may be able to tell you that the vaccines’ contents remain in the shoulder muscle where they are injected, with some portion going to the draining lymph nodes where an immune response is initiated. But they wouldn’t be aware of the fact that mRNA vaccines may actually spread throughout the body instead of staying at the injection site for some patients, and that there are several concerns with this.

    They wouldn’t know or wouldn’t tell you that thousands of renowned academics, like a senior editor of the British Medical Journal has been raising concerns about COVID-19 vaccine safety, or that a number of CDC & FDA scientists have been shocked by the lack of data that has been the basis for the approval of these vaccines and do not agree with what’s happened.

    They may even be completely unaware of the fact that a record number (several millions) of serious vaccine injuries, or at least what people believe to be injuries stemming from the vaccine, have been reported to vaccine injury surveillance systems from around the world.

    A proper investigation into these claims has not been conducted, and the CDC or FDA has still not investigated the fraud that was publicized by the British Medical Journal during some of the Pfizer clinical trials.

    The question is, why? The answer is simple. Doctors are not any more immune to propaganda than you and me. It’s something that has happened throughout history, and continues to happen today. Sometimes it feels like not only are we not learning from our mistakes, but they are in fact getting worse.

    In the times when nurses were spraying children with DDT and doctors were prescribing cigarettes to deal with stress, there was a plethora of science showing the potential harms of these substances. That science was buried from the public eye in the same way peer-reviewed science regarding the harms of COVID-19 vaccinations is being wiped off the internet by Big Tech companies. Many renowned doctors and scientists have been ridiculed and silenced throughout the pandemic as well. Here’s one of the latest examples.

    We know from documents obtained by freedom of information requests by Judicial Watch Inc, that the US government planned to partner with Hollywood guilds to “work vaccination messaging into scripted and reality TV shows,” Disneyland Parks, major sports leagues, social media platforms, Catholic newspapers and newsletters, TV morning and daytime talk shows, Hispanic entertainment networks… the list goes on.

    The “science” that many doctors are privy to usually deals with drug studies that are funded by the pharmaceutical company, authored by employees of the company and researchers who accepted payments from the company. And it doesn’t stop there.

    Below is one of multiple posts we’ve shared on our Facebook Pages, both on Collective Evolution and The Pulse that have been removed and flagged, with no explanation at all.

    This particular content removal was with regards to an article published by epidemiologist Tracy Beth Høeg, M.D., Ph.D and researcher Marty Makary, M.D., M.P.H. It included anonymous testimonies from CDC officials about the lack of science taking place at the CDC when it comes to COVID-19.  with regards to Many scientists are frustrated and embarrassed by the lack of science to support recommendations being made by the CDC.

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