Why is Ukraine asking the West for longer-range missiles?


    by Vladimir Platov, New Eastern Outlook:

    The anti-Russian hysteria instigated by Ukraine and Poland, supported by certain members of the current Russophobic military-political elite in the West, around the incident of the two missiles falling in Przewodów, has clearly confirmed not only the fragility of the current system of universal security, But also the fact of active search by neo-Nazis, primarily by the Kiev regime and certain forces in the West that support them, for a reason to unleash World War III.

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    It is well known that the direct cause of World War I was the conflict between the powers fighting for spheres of influence in the Balkans, and the trigger was the instigation by the Western militarists of a shot by the Serbian student Gavrilo Princip, who killed the Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne, in Sarajevo, Bosnia, on June 28, 1914.

    As for World War II, the injustice of the Versailles system, the economic crisis of the 1930s and the collapse of the security system established in the 1920s led to the rise to power of forces that wanted a re-division of the world. And the initiators of the war were Germany, Italy and Japan. Against the background of some attempts by England and France to appease the aggressor, the USA, at the turn of the 1940s, declared its alleged “neutrality” altogether, effectively isolating itself from the war. However, this self-exclusion of these countries was very detrimental to further developments. And this outwardly “restrained policy” of the leading Western powers was actually a ploy to mask the real interest of their financial and industrial circles in the outbreak of a new world war to solve the crisis that was breaking out at the time and to generate new super-profits from major military operations.

    After all, it is no secret that this greatest massacre in human history began in 1939 with its funding by the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and affiliated financial and industrial circles seeking absolute control of the German financial system in order to control the political processes in Central Europe. As early as 1933, key sectors of German industry and major banks such as Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Danatbank and others were already under the control of US financial capital. State-of-the-art equipment was smuggled from the USA to Germany for the aircraft factories that began production of German aircraft. Germany received a large number of military patents from US firms Pratt and Whitney, Douglas, Bendix Aviation, and the well-known Junkers-87 was built using US technology. Even as World War II was raging in 1941, US investments in Germany totaled $475 million, which was a huge amount of money at the time!  In this context it is worth recalling that Ford was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order Of The German Eagle by Adolf Hitler in 1938 as a token of appreciation. The links between Hitler and Ford were maintained even during the war, despite the enactment of a special law (Trading with the Enemy Act) in the USA forbidding any collaboration with the Nazis. And Ford was not the only US corporation that had a hand in building the German war machine; the combined contributions of US corporations in German subsidiaries and agencies by the start of World War II amounted to some $800 million. In other words, they were directly involved in strengthening Hitler’s military power and could monitor its preparations for the outbreak of World War II.

    In today’s events, a similar trend is clearly visible as the US and its “closest allies”, amid a new world crisis and a desire to re-divide the world, decided to make the neo-Nazi Kiev regime, sponsored in various ways, the “engine” for unleashing a New World War.

    Using the “know-how” of Goebbels’ propaganda ministry, Kiev’s Western puppeteers have placed particular emphasis on the active use of sophisticated propaganda and disinformation to gain public and official support from the West. Behind these activities is an army of foreign political “consultants” linked to US intelligence. One of the main “operators” in this area is the London-based PR Network, an agency closely associated with the UK Government Communication Service Strategy and Evaluation Council.

    Thus, Ukraine in recent years has been transformed by the “efforts” of the West into a platform for propaganda of neo-Nazi ideas, glorifying fascist criminals and their formations, creating Russophobic newsworthy events and blatant disinformation. And in all such actions, Ukraine lacks any autonomy, because everything is carried out under direct orders from Washington or London, seeking first to unleash wars in the information field.

    The US and NATO countries have been working together to stir up Ukrainian neo-Nazi propaganda and are trying to spread various fakes that could be a pretext to start World War III of the “collective West” against Russia. And the November 15 incident of two missiles falling in Przewodów could have been, to the apparent intentions of Kiev and Warsaw, the kind of pretext that the Russophobic presidents of Ukraine and Poland tried to play up in their official speeches.

    But it is one thing with a Ukrainian MLRS falling on the territory of neighboring Poland, and another if an alleged “Russian missile” were to fall on Brussels or anywhere else in Western Europe. And then, without any investigation, the fake news propagandists in Ukraine, already trained by the West, would demand “retaliatory military action against Moscow by NATO”, i.e. the outbreak of World War III. Hence Kiev’s repeated requests from the West for longer-range MLRS, so that it would be easier to stage such a provocation and missiles from Ukrainian territory would be able to reach Western Europe.

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