Welcome to the WEC 2022 – The Review of the Entire World


    by Martin Armstrong, Armstrong Economics:

    Welcome to this Year’s World Economic Conference. This year, we have a lot on the table. Rising civil unrest is starting as protests are unfolding over inflation now even in Greece. We have political manipulations around the world and a rising push for World War III. We will be covering the entire world with tensions rising everywhere between India and Pakistan to Eastern Europe while North Korea shoots off missiles and China eyes up Hong Kong and Taiwan. We have a major liquidity crisis with central banks in a state of crisis, food shortages, energy shortages, and a recession that the Bank of England warns will be the worst in 100 years. Then we will tackle the crisis in digital currencies and what is really going on in the precious metals.

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    Live Streaming seems to be open around the world with tens of thousands tuning in from both Russia and China this year. Our Tech Teams assure us we will have no problem with over 250,000 people tuning in worldwide. The reports will be available for download in your portal.

    Our Fits WEC was 37 years ago – 1985

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