Teachers Continue to Groom Small Children


    from Moonbattery:

    Among the many reasons to oppose the teachers unions that currently call the shots in the White House is that they support the grooming of children by militant advocates of sexual perversion:

    No child is too young to be “helped” into adopting an LGBT identity. Watch preschool teachers brag about grooming 4-year-olds, brainwashing the formerly innocent rugrats into obsessing on gender and sexuality:

    TRUTH LIVES on at https://sgtreport.tv/

    If your children have been subjected to public schools, take care not to say “boys and girls” in their presence. They may have been indoctrinated that this phrase “is hateful and it invalidates another human’s personhood.” You wouldn’t want them to report you to the Thought Police:

    Those of us who remember that Oceania has not always been at war with Eastasia may also remember that there was no such thing as an LGBT child until moonbats started creating them through grooming within the past few years. As for “intersex” individuals, they suffer from a genital deformity and constitute 0.1% of the population per WebMD. Given the pressure on researchers to play along with leftism if they want funding and tenure, the actual percentage may be even lower.

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