Kari Lake’s Battle Exposes Unresolved Election Fraud


    by Dr. Steve LaTulippe, American Outloud:

    The “critical” midterm election is suddenly past, though far from conclusive in its effect. I had eagerly planned to attend the Kari Lake election event for a night of celebration. By the time I arrived, however, my jovial spirit was already sinking into the toilet. I personally witnessed election tampering in Maricopa County, Arizona, while casting my vote. By the time the electioneers announced a victory for John Fetterman over Mehmet Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race, the party was over for me. I didn’t want any more lessons. I wanted to go home.

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    Is it fair to say that the brain-deficient Fetterman took the election only because of election interference? I don’t know. Nobody knows. Dr. Oz is very intelligent, but his brainpower advantage failed to give him a win over his opponent. So did a Trump endorsement. Did voters just feel bad for the obviously handicapped underdog? In normal times, I would say no. This is a Senate race, not a neighborhood social committee election. But we are living in very dangerous times. Idiocy is rampant. The voting populace might have felt a kinship with Fetterman’s intracranial deficits and voted for him in sympathy.

    Whatever the root cause assigned to Fetterman’s victory, the peril to our nation cannot be ignored or minimized. If such a loser can win a Senate seat, America has a problem. Whatever happened during this election, has left both sides a little bewildered. The red tidal wave did not happen as expected. Sure, we saw some great victories. Ron Johnson prevailed by a slim margin in Wisconsin. Likewise, Lawler took a win in New York. Kemp defeated crazy Stacey Abrams in Georgia, and J. D. Vance won in Ohio. Budd took North Carolina, and as expected, Ron DeSantis led the way in his cleaned-up state of Florida. But the election has already taught us some hard lessons.

    As many fully expected, election integrity is still an unresolved crisis. An unpunished crime is a more accurate description. Arizona has become a laughing stock to the nation, because we allowed our Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs, to remain in charge of elections. Some called for her to recuse herself since she was running for governor against a fierce opponent. She would not forfeit such an opportunity to cheat. That would require integrity and decency, fairness even. These are not Democrat traits. And since so much was at stake in this Arizona gubernatorial election, I wasn’t at all surprised that voting machines were malfunctioning in Democrat-controlled Maricopa and Pima counties. My exceedingly long wait to cast my vote as a result of these “malfunctions” was just par for the course. But I found myself feeling angry and thinking, “Here we go again!”

    Despite recruiting the Arizona National Guard to assist with voter security, and having True the Vote people involved in surveillance of voting activities, irregularities still happened. In the back of my mind, I sincerely hoped to entertain the possibility of a somewhat fair vote. (Are we not aware of the tactics of criminals who stole our 2020 election?) But it was only wishful thinking.

    While Kari Lake is still expected to win Arizona, we may not have a declared winner for days. Naturally, this is unacceptable. Ms. Lake ran a strong race. She was clearly favored to win, as her opponent feared even debating her. Hobbs simply has a bad record, and she is undoubtedly a Deep State operative. Kari Lake was subjected to overcoming a wicked evil that had way too much free reign.

    The most significant early lesson in this midterm voter spree echoes loud and clear: we are in for a tough road ahead. The fact is, America’s greatest problems arising from the Covid pandemic pandemonium are still America’s greatest problems. Censorship is not yet controlled. Was not Steve Crowder banned from YouTube just a week before the election? Clearly, all sorts of voter irregularities — otherwise known as crimes — will be revealed in the weeks ahead. And free speech is still caught in the shackles of a domestic Communist regime that continues to torment us. Speak our minds and pay the price! Medicine is still darkly Orwellian and getting worse. Seek a hospital at your own risk. America is now a dangerous place to live.

    Most telling of all warnings, the puppet President who declared patriotic Americans a threat to the rule of law and our Constitution is still officially in charge. Worse yet, he is but a figurehead who nimbly attempts to speak for the puppetmaster who is actively at work conquering our nation. This means that parents claiming responsibility for their children’s education and well-being are still formally declared domestic terrorists. Attorney General Merrick Garland will continue to have his evil eye on every God-fearing American who lives by a righteous standard, or who cherishes any ideals contrary to the current Communist Party.

    What this all means is that more suffering is ahead. How much suffering? We’ll see. But with a full half of the country being declared criminals, you can be sure we have a fight on our hands. Since all the government agencies will continue as Deep State operatives, we will remain the targets of their abuse in every way. Life will get harder. Oppression has already become the new normal. We expect it. We don’t balk at it. We take it. Despite this message being broadcast to us a thousand different ways, we still deny it’s really happening. And so the takedown continues.

    They tell us they are stopping fuel production. They do it. And we just blow it off. They tell us food shortages are coming, and our feeble minds still don’t take them seriously. They report that more pandemics are on the horizon, that they are working on this right now, and we see it being done before our very eyes at Boston University. But we don’t respond. A potentially catastrophic venture becomes just more aqueous news under the bridge. “Awe, they wouldn’t really do that to us!” we say, dismissing it all. And I say, they still haven’t hurt us enough. We haven’t yet suffered enough to decide to do something. Hold on. It’s coming.

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