Globalizing Fake Protests


    by Declan Hayes, Strategic Culture:

    Though the World Cup, like all similar tournaments, must return to their apolitical roots, the U.S. and its allies are the elephants in the room, the flies in the ointment, the mothers of all spoilsports.

    MI5’s BBC news site recently led with the non-story that Chinese protesters are calling for President Xi to resign. How convenient, with the collapse of MI5’s Hong Kong protests, that these gulls are unwittingly acting as a fifth column for the Royal Navy and America’s Seventh Fleet, which stalk the Taiwan Strait! One wonders when the U.S. will arm these peaceful protesters, just as they have previously armed their confreres in Syria, Iran and Hong Kong.

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    The Chinese government have the two basic problems of multiplication and of division. They fear that a small, localized problem, if replicated across China, will quickly become unsurmountable and their problem of division makes them divide their national cake, such as it is, in 1.42 billion ways, whilst keeping their 1.42 billion citizens happy and hopeful for their future. Human resource management, in other words, on a Biblical scale.

    China’s perennial problems of multiplication and division, spurred on by Perfidious Albion and her equally treacherous allies, are an unenviable headache China’s leaders must deal with. Witness the snows that blanketed all of China a few Chinese New Years ago, when more than 100,000 migrant workers stranded in Guangzhou Railway station vented their wrath at those hapless soldiers who drew the short straw and so had to explain to these angry hordes that the snow made thousands of km of rail tracks unpassable and that, as a consequence, all 100,000 of them, together with millions more of other stranded migrant workers, could not make their annual pilgrimage home to their rural villages.

    Pity the freezing Chinese soldiers who had their own New Year ruined not only by the snow but by the understandable failure of the government to explain to hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens that they could not budge the billions upon billions of tonnes of snow that ruined their holiday. Now return to MI5’s BBC news site and ask why the Chinese authorities allow BBC to exploit these problems by picking and choosing who to interview in China, where the BBC clearly does not belong.

    Pop over to Iran, whose citizens are still celebrating their team’s win over Wales and ask why the BBC does not highlight the hundreds of Iranian soldiers and citizens their peaceful protesters deliberately murdered.

    Speaking of the World Cup, witness Carlos Queiroz, Iran’s manager, asking why the BBC ambush his players with politically loaded questions but never direct political questions at the managers and players of England or the United States, whose countries are bywords the world over for human rights’ abuses. And, given that Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which is hosting the tournament, are no slouches when it comes to abusing human rights, why are they not also targets for the BBC’s ire?

    Although the German team did protest on behalf of their transgender colleagues, isn’t it odd these German jokers had nothing to say about whoever it was who blew up the Nordstream pipeline and thereby condemned thousands of elderly Germans to a cold winter and an early grave? Perhaps the German team are good only for vacuous virtue signalling and not much more. It certainly seems so.

    Had the jokers of the German football team really wanted to protest, they could have ransacked Qatar’s Al Udeid air base, which houses tens of thousands of U.S., British and Australian marines and paratroopers. But that would have been haram. The sad reality is that not only Qatar but the entire Middle East is blanketed with American military bases and it is only those protests, which support Anglo American hegemony that are permitted.

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