FBI Agents Reporting Havana Syndrome” Symptoms on U.S. Soil Hire Lawyers to Investigate


    by B.N. Frank, Activist Post:

    Experts have been claiming for years that “Havana Syndrome” (diagnosed in American government employees and their family members) is likely being caused by exposure to electromagnetic and/or microwave energy also known as radio requency (RF) (see 123456789). In August the Biden administration started providing financial compensation to some victims; however, allegedly few if any of them are employed by the CIA.  In September FBI agents who reported symptoms also claimed they were being ignored by the government and recently some of them hired lawyers.

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    From Deerfield News:


    By Howard Levy

    Deerfield-News. com-Deerfield Beach, Fl-Since 2016 a strange phenomenon called “Havana Syndrome” has affected CIA agents worldwide. Apparently starting in Havana Cuba. Many news outlets have been covering this story with still no answers. The government itself is investigating all of the incidents reported mostly by CIA operatives and diplomats. There are over 1000 cases of government employees complaining of severe headaches, earaches, and mental disorientation.

    Local Miami FBI agents have also started to say they are suffering from the attacks, some have hired attorneys to investigate.

    CNN sent their reporter Dr. Sanjay Gupta a brain surgeon there recently. Gupta did an hour-long special on Havana Syndrome and the likelihood it could be a weapon from an enemy such as Russia or China targeting Americans. Reports of the attacks usually affect the ears and brain with those affected suffering severe head pain and an odd list of other unexplainable medical issues. The CIA even sent one of its own doctors to Havana who was interviewed by Dr. Gupta while in disguise to protect his identity.  This CIA doctor is also a brain specialist and he suffered from an attack while staying at a Havana hotel. Local reports involve  FBI agents based in Miami seeing a white van parked nearby before they suffered an attack.


    Today local news 12 CBS receive the following statement from the FBI in Miami regarding FBI agents locally who also believe they have suffered from Havana Syndrome Attacks.

    *The CBS12 News I-Team received the following statement from the FBI shortly before publishing this story. This response does not address our specific questions about agents in South Florida:

    “The issue of Anomalous Health Incidents is a top priority for the FBI, as the protection, health and well-being of our employees and colleagues across the federal government is paramount. We will continue to work alongside our partners in the intelligence community as part of the interagency effort to identify the cause of these incidents and determine how we can best protect our personnel. The FBI takes all U.S. government personnel who report symptoms seriously. In keeping with this practice, the FBI has messaged its workforce on how to respond if they experience an AHI, how to report an incident, and where they can receive medical evaluations for symptoms or persistent effects.”

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