from State Of The Nation:

    Another fabricated distraction, but from what exactly?

    *** WW3 PSYOP ALERT ***

    There should be no doubt that the false flag missile attacks in Poland, just staged by the Ukraine military in collusion with NATO and the U.S. Intel Community, were carried out to achieve various goals.
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    Very high on that list of objectives was the
    Democrat Party’s great urgency to distract the
    American people, as well as the worldwide
    audience watching the 2022 midterm
    outcomes, from their countless election
    thefts and rampant vote fraud. After the
    naked 2020 POTUS election theft, the
    Democrats know that the MAGA Movement
    is on to them during this election cycle, so
    they know they have to distract the U.S.
    electorate—MAJORLY—as so much vote
    fraud is coming to light!
    Then there’s Sam Bankman’s FTX money
    laundering operation in the Ukraine that
    funneled millions of stolen funds into Democrat
    campaigns all over America. Which is why
    Kiev was so compelled to change that
    radioactive global conversation happening
    on the front page of the Internet so quickly
    and dramatically. Because of Khazarian
    frontman Zelensky’s personal involvement
    in that exploding cryptocurrency scandal, he
    did what he always does best—falsely accuse
    Russia of the worst international transgression imaginable. And especially one of such an
    offensive nature that it could trigger NATO’s
    Article 5.
    — Intelligence Analyst & Former U.S. Military Officer

    BOTTOM LINE: The very fact that both the Pentagon and Biden himself (and more recently NATO and Poland) have since indicated that there’s no evidence a Russian missile hit Poland is proof positive that this highly provocative false flag operation was an extremely desperate Ukrainian move to blow up the Eurasian geopolitical chessboard, as well as a stealthy Democrat-driven maneuver to distract from their numerous election thefts. Zionist warmonger Zelensky has already proven he will do whatever is necessary to trigger Article 5 to draw all of NATO into his US-directed proxy war. The exceedingly Russophobic Khazarian operative is also well aware of the bad blood between Poland and Russia going back centuries, which is why the two Ukrainian missiles were aimed directly at the Polish village of Przewodów. Also, notice that Ukraine’s false flag missile attack was timed perfectly with the 2022 G20 Bali summit being held on November 15th and 16th—a meeting during which Zelensky gave a remote online speech despite Ukraine not even being a member. How do you spell: “TOTAL SET UP”?

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