Dutch Government to Shut Down 3,000 Farms to Comply with Global Warming Goals – As Food Prices See Highest Increase in Decades


    by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

    In July, Dutch police shot at a 16-year old protester, during farmer protests in the country.  The young teen, Jouke, was released the next day without charges.

    In an incident near the blockaded food distribution center at Heerenveen in Friesland, police officers shot at 16-year-old Jouke’s tractor, which was already turning away from the roadblock, missing the boy’s head by an inch (Gateway Pundit reported). Jouke and two other protestors were arrested on suspicion of “attempted manslaughter” after which an angry crowd gathered in front of the police station in Leeuwarden. All three have now been released without charges.

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    During the protests Opposition leader Geert Wilders released a bombshell letter showing the globalist Dutch government wants to use expropriated agricultural land for asylum centers.

    And Geert Wilders was right.
    The Dutch Government announced they will close up to 3,000 farms to comply with their global warming goals.

    This will take place as The Netherlands is seeing the highest increase in food prices in decades.

    The Daily Caller reported:

    The Dutch government is planning to buy and close down up to 3,000 farms near environmentally sensitive areas to be in compliance with EU environmental rules.

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