Biden’s Green Energy World Benefitted Putin’s Aggression & Bankrupted Americans


    by IQ al-Rassooli, America Outloud:

    The results of the midterm elections were truly disappointing, considering how bad the US economy is due to Biden and his administration’s utter failures. 

    American citizens are not safe because of obscene degrees of criminality and lack of corresponding punishment; devastating increases in everyday food, gas, rents, and other daily requirements that are now causing enormous financial, psychological, and physical stresses on individuals, because the breadwinners have to literally choose, between eating or heating in 21st century America.

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    It is truly perplexing that hundreds of thousands of American voters were willing ⏤ with eyes wide open but most definitely brains closed ⏤ to re-elect the same politicians, mayors, governors, attorney generals, and others.

    At least 40% of Americans are die-hard voters of the Democrat party, no matter the outcomes. Therefore, all the perfidious Democrat machine needed was their usual underhand fraudulent voter counting, as fully displayed in Arizona and Pennsylvania, just to name two.

    How could voter counting machines fail during an extremely important election cycle after months of alleged preparations? One does not need to be a Conspiracy Theorist to smell the stench of a dead rat miles away.

    Let’s call it was it is… Biden’s green energy world benefitted Vladimir Putin’s Aggression and it caused great harm to the economy and America’s energy future.

    After almost seven years, and tens of millions of wasted dollars of failed investigations against Donald J Trump for alleged Russian collusions, no one is even bothering to check Biden’s and Hillary Clinton’s complicity with Putin’s Russia right in plain sight of all the news media and the American people.

    It was Hillary, after all, who sold 20% of America’s Uranium assets to a Russian company. It was Hillary who deliberately destroyed her mobile phones that were under subpoena containing thirty thousand unsecured emails.

    Since the day he moved into the White House, Biden was on the path of utterly destroying America’s oil and coal industries to achieve his mythical and none existent Green Energy future world, thus enabling Putin’s Russia, and all her enemies to dominate the fossil fuel market and hence to put all of Europe and the USA at risk.

    It was Donald J Trump who warned of German dependence on Russian oil at the 2018 UN General Assembly, and they laughed at him. They are not laughing now that reality has slapped them in the face.

    It was Biden who decided not to support the East-Med gas pipeline from America’s allies of Greece, Cyprus, and Israel to supply energy-starving European countries who depend for at least 40% of their energy requirements on Russia.

    He did so, not because of any disadvantage to the USA but because he wanted to please his friend, the totally unreliable and flip-flopping and irrational dictator, Recipe Erdogan ⏤ who supports Putin and wants to make Turkey the central hub of all Asian gas deliveries to Europe.

    Once more, Europe be hostage to a very volatile and duplicitous megalomaniacal politician.

    On the other hand, the East-Med is a 1,900km natural gas pipeline project to connect the gas reserves of the eastern Mediterranean to Greece. The pipeline will have an initial capacity to transport ten billion cubic meters per year (bcm/y) of gas to Greece and Italy, and other southeast European countries. The capacity is expected to be increased to a maximum of 20 bcm/y in the second phase.

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