Absolutely Bizarre Video Leads One To Ask, Are These ‘Vaxxed People Dying Suddenly?’ Why Are They Acting Like This Before They Go Down? Tie In Nanotechnologies To See The Big Picture!


    by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

    – 5G Being Used To ‘Activate’ These ‘Victims’ Of Globalists Mind Control Experiments?

    On November 1st, ANP published what was for me personally an incredibly eye-opening story written and sent to us by Kathleen Gotto titled Highly Advanced Nanotechnology Is At ‘The Tip Of The Needle!’ – Fully Programmable And Self-Assembling Tech Used In Vaxxes As Globalists Move Towards Completing The Gilgamesh Project within which she proved beyond a doubt that ‘nanotechnologies‘ are being used in ‘the vaxxes‘ the globalists have been trying to get the entire world to ‘inject,‘ and we’re going to be using the information from that story to examine a ‘bizarre new trend‘ happening in 2022, people ‘dying suddenly,’ some of those bizarre deaths caught on the must-watch video directly below for the entire world to see.

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    With Kathleen also pointing out in that ANP story the ties of all of this now unfolding to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and specifically Yuval Noah Harari, an advisor to the WEF who fully believes: human beings are ‘hackable animals;’ we are the ‘last generation of homo sapiens;‘ and that our God-given ‘human operating system‘ can be ‘replaced‘ by a ‘technology-based operating system‘ that can be ‘controlled by others,’ take note that Harari also believes that ‘technology‘ is one of the greatest ‘tools‘ of authoritarianism and dictatorship.

    With Harari also believing that ‘free will‘ in human beings is dangerous (Yes, free will is dangerous, to wannabe dictators!,) watch the people ‘dying suddenly‘ in the video below and then try to tell us that SOMETHING VERY STRANGE is NOT going on! With nearly each one of these people caught on video ‘dying suddenly‘ seeming to witness something that was not there, each of them reaching out towards some invisible object(s), spinning around to see ‘it‘, keep this insane video in mind when you think of Yuval Noah Harari’s plans to ‘hack‘ human beings to be able to ‘control us.

    And as we’ll explore in the next section of this story below, with Kathleen Gotto also pointing out in her ANP story that these nanotechnologies being used in the vaxxes are ‘fully programmable‘ and ‘self-assembling,’ might that account for why they’re trying to get people to take so many ‘boosters,’ in a series of them, they need to get more ‘parts‘ into our bodies so they can further ‘assemble‘ once they are inside of us, kind of like an AI/human assembly line? Please let us know what you think about this absolutely bizarre video and this theory we’re proposing in our comment section below.

    So while we’re still hearing from some that ‘nanotechnologies‘ inside of the ‘vaxxes‘ is a ‘crazy conspiracy theory‘ being spouted by ‘the right,’ check out this story from pro-technology website Euractiv published back on December 4th of 2020, before the vaxxes came out, titled “Nanotechnology: Part of COVID-19 vaccines but potential still hindered in Europe.”

    Reporting at the very outset “This article is part of our special report: The future of nanomedicines in Europe that Nanotechnology has contributed to the production of vaccines against the COVID-19 virus” and that “Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccines…do include nanotechnology-based approaches,” their story then touched upon something Kathleen’s ANP article yesterday also mentioned, ‘lipid-based’:

    Both vaccines are based on lipid-based nanoparticles. So, it’s important to realize that it has a huge opportunity, it’s already established, but there are still some challenges that we need to solve.”

    Might those ‘challenges‘ present themselves to the outside world as what we see in the video above?

    How many people who took those vaxxes do you think actually knew they were getting ‘nano-technologies’ injected into them? No doubt after watching that video and seeing so many different people suffering very similar, and very bizarre, reactions leads us to conclude something incredibly sinister is going on and ‘We the American People‘ absolutely MUST get to the bottom of this.

    Certainly after seeing how many people are suddenly ‘dying suddenly,’ anyone paying any attention at all will never ever get one of those vaxxes injected into them, because this wasn’t happening before the vaxxes.

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