80% of Canadians ignore Trudeau’s request to stay ‘up-to-date’ vaccinated


    by Mike Campbell, The Counter Signal:

    Canada’s most recent Covid update shows that 80% of Canadians have yet to receive a covid shot in the last six months, ignoring pleas from their prime minister to get regular jabs.

    Canadians appear to be ignoring Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s request for citizens to get jabbed over and over, or they’ve lost faith in the Covid-19 vaccines — or both.

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    Earlier this month, Trudeau received his fourth COVID vaccine over the last 18 months. He had the experience documented on video and said to the camera, “it’s really important we all keep up-to-date.”

    “Please, if you’re eligible, go get yourself your COVID booster to keep everyone safe this winter,” he said.

    “At the same time, great idea to make sure your kids are getting vaccinated as well to keep them safe, as well as getting the flu shot at the same time.”

    Last month, The Counter Signal reported that 83% of Canadians were not “up-to-date” vaccinated, meaning they hadn’t received a COVID vaccine for six months or more.

    The numbers suggest Canadians aren’t stepping up for more Covid vaccines like they did when coercive mandates were in place.

    In September, Trudeau threatened Canadians with more COVID restrictions unless they kept up to date on the Covid vaccinations.

    “We won’t need to take further steps, hopefully, if everyone gets vaccinated,” he said.

    In other countries such as Australia, the government is currently not allowing people under the age of 30 to receive a fourth booster due to the risk of adverse effects.

    And Denmark’s government ended vaccine eligibility for most people under 50, while the UK government ended vaccine eligibility for kids under 12.

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