We’re Only One Huge Event Away From ‘When The Food Runs Out’ – The Grocery Business Can Be Absolutely Brutal As CEO Warns: ‘Every Day We Have A New Problem, It’s The New Normal’


    by Stefan Stanford, All News Pipeline:

    According to Kraft Heinz Foods CEO Miguel Patricio, not only are higher inflation and supply issues coursing through the food industry but he doesn’t see an end to the issues anytime soon.

    Telling CNN Business the issues of the past several years in the food industry will surely continue into 2023 if he is correct, besides more shortages and price increases, Patricio warns “beyond the double-barrel challenges of shortages of raw materials and inflation, issues like the continuing pandemic and the war in Ukraine……are adding to the uncertainty…..making things very hard for the entire industry.”

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    And while CNN Business reports Patricio has been keeping obsessive track of supply chain shortages, to the point where he can actually predict what shortages will be coming next, as he told CNN, “It’s a constant fight to try to minimize price increases” because Every day we have a new problem. It’s the new normal.”

    Also warning that “every day there’s a shortage of something,” with tomato shortages leading to some shortages on products such as ketchup,’ as that story reported, despite the tomato shortage, Patricio vows Heinz ketchup will stay on the shelves as usual because “We predicted that we would have a problem with the crop of tomatoes…..so we bought them in advance.”

    Outstanding words of advice for all as 2022 quickly winds down and 2023 prepares to come rushing in with more and more food shortages galore as heard in each of the 3 videos at the bottom of this story.

    With the 1st video below via the Epic Economist titled “20 Big Grocery Stores Are In Deep, Deep Trouble,” linked to by Steve Quayle on his website with the SQnote “MUST WATCH!,” we see even more reasons to make sure we’re fully prepped for what Heinz CEO Patricio also sees as pointed out in the 2nd video below in the video titled simply “When The Food Runs Out.”

    And with our videographer in that video warning us bluntly “We have reached the rollover point where it is now obvious that there will not be enough farm inputs like fertilizer to grow enough food to feed the planet. That would be bad enough but superglued supply chains will restrict exports and imports until April 2023 at best. Larger the crop losses, the more hollywoodesque the distractions will become,” as we’re warned of in the final video below and this story by Michael Snyder“The Food Crisis Of 2023 Is Going To Be Far Worse Than Most People Would Dare To Imagine.”

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