This thread is fascinating… modern journalists come almost exclusively being from mega rich families… Taylor Lorenz and others exposed…


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    One of the most fascinating things about the modern age we live in is the population of journalists almost exclusively being from mega rich families and the fact they have done such a good job of hiding it from the internet.

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    The most extreme case of this is Carlos Maza. Right out of Wake Forrest University he worked for Vox pushing extreme left wing views & targeting anyone on the right no matter how poor or middle class.

    What almost no one knew was he was a billionaire.Image

    What’s amazing about this is almost no one knew his mother & step father were tech billionaires with multiple mansions, yachts & private planes. Maza was raised in a $10.8 million dollar mansion in Boca Raton, FL.Image


    Until his termination at Vox there was no Google result you could get that could tell you anything on Carlos Maza’s background. Nothing. A complete memory hole. For almost 10 years he was able to use his massive platform to cancel anyone he saw fit to & abuse his power unchecked.Image
    It wasn’t until he was fired from Vox for being too much of a left wing extremist (just let that sink in) & he began his failed YouTube career did anyone do any digging into how this guy afforded some of the most expensive real estate in New York with no income…Image
    A billionaire journalist who went to Christopher Columbus High School & Wake Forrest University was able to cosplay working class socialist attacking poor & working class people for years without anyone knowing his real background.Image
    Taylor Lorenz might actually be an even worse offender of this hypocrisy. While also born to fabulous wealth & privilege she has the family power to keep her past off the internet even after it became known.
    She can actually get it removed forever from the internet.Image
    What’s amazing about Taylor Lorenz is we know she was born in NYC, raised in the richest zip code of Connecticut. We know she attended a Swiss private boarding school & graduated from Hobart and William Smith College.
    But that’s about it.Image


    While this woman of wealth & privilege can doxx even the poorest, weakest, least powerful people in the internet, publishing all their private information, address, work places and phone numbers.
    She can apparently get anything about herself wiped from the internet forever…ImageImage
    How would a TicTok journalist be able to get her history wiped off the internet forever?
    Well hold onto your butts while we go balls deep into the family of Ms. Lorenz you can’t find on the internet without much much effort.Image
    For the record this all publicly available information, it’s just hard to find without looking.
    Taylor Lorenz was born to mega rich developer Walter R. Lorenz (65) and Anne Lorenz (67) & raised in a $5.7 million dollar mansion. Her sister is Brook Lorenz of CNN.Image
    But it’s her uncle that’s the big story here. You see Taylor Lorenz’s mom and uncle were mega rich children of a very powerful politician… and R. McDonald (her uncle) is the owner / founder of the WayBackMachine internet archive.Image
    Trying to find info about any of these people on the internet in nearly impossible. Taylor Lorenz even had her uncle exempt her twitter account from the WayBackMachine. Once she deletes her tweets they are literally wiped from the internet forever.
    Now that’s power you can’t buy

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