This is What’s Going to Happen Next


    by Dr. Vernon Coleman, 21st Century Wire:

    These are the darkest, most difficult days in human history. We are facing the end of freedom and the end of the awesome wonder of the independent, human spirit.

    I genuinely believe that rabid enemies such as Soros, Blair, HRH Charles (the HRH stands for His Royal Hypocrite), the Rothschilds, Schwab, Gates, Musk, Biden, the Bilderbergers et al, are the most evil conspirators to have ever walked this earth.

    The Evil Hornswogglers should be hung, drawn and quartered. When, in the name of God, justice, humanity, wisdom and hope are the moronic mask wearers, the lockdown-lovers and the witless, covid jabbed collaborators going to wake up to reality?

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    I believe that through the auspices of the World Economic Forum and Common Purpose, they have recruited an army of rancid servants to protect them and to take control of every aspect of the world we used to know. This is a deliberate, global coup. The same things are happening everywhere. Nothing is happening by accident. What we dismiss as woke triviality is, in truth, part of the takeover. Universities, trade unions, large organisations from the National Trust to the MCC, have all been hi-jacked.

    And through fear, brainwashing and psy-op trickery they have conned a huge army of panty-waisted, lily-livered, craven, cryptorchid myrmidons to support their corruption and their trickery.

    I loathe the conspirators and their handmaidens, but I loathe the myrmidons, the collaborators, just as much. Right from the start I warned that the collaborators would do the most harm. Without their complicity the conspirators would have got nowhere.

    And so the collaborators deserve our contempt.

    People said we should be nice to them, and encourage them and be patient with them.

    I never thought that was an option.

    The witless, innumerate, illiterate fools who sorted their recycling, obeyed the lockdown rules, meekly wore their pathetic, flowery masks, accepted their deadly jabs and believed in the cult of global warming and the fake pandemic have opened the door to the Great Reset, the new normal and a lethal, toxic brew of communism and fascism that will assuredly destroy us all. (The circle of political ideology puts fascism and communism at the same point on the circle. The two are, for practical purposes, indistinguishable.)

    It is clear now why the conspirators wanted educational standards to fall. They have been planning this for years. They wanted millions of ignorant, ill-informed, unquestioning half-wits to help them push their programme of oppression. In the world of medicine they deliberately told medical schools to give preference to females when choosing medical students (knowing full well that a majority of women doctors would want to work part-time and would, thereby, wreck health care).

    Just look at what has happened and is happening:

    The NHS has deteriorated and is no longer fit for any purpose. We were told to clap NHS staff. It is clear we should have clapped them in irons. Anyone who cannot see how the NHS has been deliberately destroyed is a cretin and beyond all hope. Meanwhile, with the NHS waiting list soaring towards 10 or 12 million people (with most dying before they are investigated, let alone treated), a bunch of MPs has said that all women should have an NHS menopause check up at the age of 45. It would make just as much sense to check all men at 45 to see if they’re going bald. The menopause is a perfectly natural phenomenon; a physiological process which was taken over by the drug industry, turned into a ‘disease’ and used as a profit making scam. It’s been known since Alfred was burning cakes that the drugs used for this natural phenomenon can cause cancer. The NHS waiting lists are contributing to the rise in the number of people who can’t or won’t work. The absurd PCR tests are destroying productivity for absolutely no reason. The now chronically work-shy (who so much enjoyed their furlough time) and two million hypochondriacs claiming to have ‘long covid’ are probably going to stay out of work for years, if not for life. The NHS is already killing more than it saves. And it’s going to get worse.

    The pensions of millions have been wrecked in less than a month. Those with a penchant for nostalgia will know that the Government and the Bank of England have together pushed the level of the UK stock market back to the 1990s. (Naturally, the pensions of MPs and Bank of England employees are protected, inflation proofed and paid for by us.) Unless the Government reverses its borrow and spend, spend, spend policy – built on incredible debts – then over the next couple of years house prices will almost certainly fall dramatically. A modest 20% fall would be the best case. A Bank of England paper suggested that a 2% rise in rates would lead to a 33% fall in house prices. Imagine that. House prices to fall by a third. I wouldn’t trust the Governor of the Bank of England to buy me a stamp and post a letter. The word incompetent just isn’t enough. And the coming backpedaling on tax cuts will not, I suspect, be matched by backpedaling on spending plans. The conspirators are desperate to replace Truss with Sunak. It’s just a matter of time.

    Thousands of adults are dropping down dead. If the medical profession and the media are as puzzled, as they claim to be, then they must have a collective IQ lower than the temperature at the North Pole. What is the common factor? Obviously the toxic, dangerous covid jab. But instead of blaming the useless, deadly jab the media and the bent and stupid doctors blame everything else under the sun. (The latest unofficial estimate, for the record, is that the covid jab has killed 20 million and injured many more. How many jabbed children will survive a year is a mystery.)

    The ‘Net Zero’ climate change nutters, whose brains are contaminated with more nuts and soft fruit than a family sized Dundee cake, want us to survive on 5% of our electricity supply and are sadistic, prospective mass murderers. We know they are unhinged because they deliberately try to stop ambulances and fire engines. Instead of arresting these lunatics and hurling them into bottomless dungeons (where they belong) the police talk to them nicely and probably pat them on their empty heads. I suspect that anyone who dared to try to unglue them from the tarmacadam would be arrested. Surely the dottiest climate change enthusiasts are the racing drivers who fly around the world in private jets so that they can drive round and round in circles using up vast quantities of expensive fuel. Marvelous. I wonder if they approve of the nutters whose insane hobby is slashing the tyres of parked cars to prove that knives are sharp and rubber is soft. Oh, and one of their number poured shit over a statue to prove something or other. These people will continue to be sustained by the conspirators with their power and their billions.

    It has been proven beyond any doubt that covid-19 killed less people than an ordinary season of flu. That’s because covid-19 was an ordinary season of flu and thousands of elderly folk were murdered in their beds before they got the flu. But the media, and the medical profession, continue to lie and claim that endless millions were killed by covid. And now that the flu has mysteriously returned, the pro-vax enthusiasts want to jab everyone over 50 with two jabs, one to stop them getting the flu and the other to stop them getting the other flu.

    The PCR test is still being used even though it has been proven to be pointless and entirely inaccurate. It would make more sense to use a dice to decide who has and hasn’t got the flu. It would certainly be safer. They’re using the PCR test (banned in the US, by the way) to close care homes to visitors. This will get worse during the winter flu season. It’s cruel madness. The Nazis couldn’t do it better.

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