The World Economic Forum is Taking Control of Government


    by Greg Boulden, America Outloud:

    The World Economic Forum just celebrated the installation of Rishi Sunak as the Prime Minister of the UK. Rishi and his wife have immense wealth and have worked closely with the WEF as their technology partner. Infosys is an Indian Technology company providing services to almost all Fortune 500 companies. Their specialty is a digital banking platform that could be used to help usher in a digital currency.

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    Infosys is listed as an official partner of the WEF, and they have supported the CCP as leaders in the social credit system, which reduces human lives to numbers based on consumption. With Rishi Sunak as the PM, the UK should be asking whether or not a man worth more than the monarch, and a man tied to the WEF and the CCP, should represent them. The WEF wants to be the new democracy ⏤ world decisions decided by the billionaires and not by democratic votes.

    Those wishing to see the influence of the WEF need to check out and read by region who the individuals are that are working towards the goal of a new world government. You will find big names like BlackRock (financial firm), Paypal, Walmart, many politicians in office, and big names like Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business, Pete Buttigieg, Rohit Chopra, and hundreds more. They span academia, arts/culture/sports, Business, Civil Society, Media, Public Figures, and Social Entrepreneurs. These are the areas the WEF is focused on.

    They need each of these sectors to convince the public of their mission. But perhaps they won’t need to work too hard as democracy here in the USA is already crumbling. Our country is on the brink of creating doubt in elections which may usher in a new wave of thinking. Massive change in government thinking and leadership must happen before we are sold out to those looking to make changes.

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