STOP THE MID-TERM STEAL: How much video surveillance is in place for BALLOT DROP BOXES to protect midterm election integrity this November?


    by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

    Censored from all of mass media is only one of the most important events of the century, as the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that using drop boxes for future elections in the city of Kenosha is illegal. The Wisconsin Supreme Court also declared that previous use of ‘unmanned’ ballot drop boxes violated the state’s law, as all absentee ballots “must be returned by mail or the voter must personally deliver it to the municipal clerk at the clerk’s office or a designated alternate site.”

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    The Wisconsin Elections Commission revealed that there is no ‘record evidence’ ballot drop boxes that have been in ‘common and longstanding’ use, as those hoping they would continue had argued. Had this been the case in every populous district in every swing state in the USA during the POTUS 2020 election, our country may actually NOT be in shambles right now, run by tyrannical dictators and embezzling communists.

    This long legal battle over ballot drop boxes in the key swing state of Wisconsin is huge and represents a precedent-setting victory for safeguarding the election process. Every city, county and district in America should be paying close attention to what transpired in Kenosha with this ballot drop box ruling. Democrats desperately wanted the case to be dismissed, knowing that if the decision went against them and the easy-cheat drop boxes, it would set a precedent for the whole country to follow suit. Now drop boxes are banned, possibly permanently, from the city of 100,000 people in the key swing state.

    Every American should be able to track their serial numbered voting ballot online to see that their vote was recorded and counted properly

    First off, all US election voting ballots should be serialized, with unique, specific numbers related to the date, elections, and so they can never be counted multiple times or duplicated by counterfeiters. Every American should be able to log on to a secure election ‘integrity’ website, where the serial number from their ballot reflects their proper votes as recorded for each election.

    The serial number could even tie down to their social security number, which would be protected by encrypted safeguards, and keep every vote clean and proper, never counted multiple times or switched by some internet-accessible voting machines (think Dominion here). Every voting ballot, for every election, at every level, should have serial numbers and watermarks, like money. After all, bank checks even have serial numbers. What’s America thinking when it comes to ballots?

    Even military votes are being stolen and changed when mailed in from over seas, where they show 90 percent for Sleepy Joe, an impossible feat, especially since Donald Trump saw the biggest voter turnout for any US President ever. Plus, drop box ‘mules’ in the US are already preparing for more fraud, as some are caught covering their license plates to keep authorities and video surveillance from identifying them and sending them to prison.

    Every American should right now be considering video taping any drop boxes in their town or city during the upcoming midterm elections, day and night, to help prevent fraud from the Dirty Dems again.

    This midterm election could be just as important, if not MORE IMPORTANT, than the 2020 POTUS election, as the Republic could easily go up in flames should the Dirty Dems control both the House and Senate. Step up to the plate and vote, and get out that phone video camera and protect our election integrity the best you can, legally. Every city and county in this country should be addressing clean elections, in court if we have any chance of defending and preserving the constitution.

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