Seven people recently “died suddenly” (or did they “just” keel over?) right on camera


by Mark Crispin Miller, News from Underground:

A Brazilian TV presenter, a Turkish bus driver, an Indonesian woman (died while praying), a man exchanging pleasantries with Charles III, UPS and FedEx drivers, and a young (Chinese?) man in a clinic

(And yet the University of California system STILL requires ALL students, faculty and staff to get injected with the toxins killing people right before our eyes, worldwide, day after day.)


A TV presenter in Brazil keeled over just off-camera:

A bus driver died at the wheel in Turkey:

Collapsed during a chat with Charles III:

An Indonesian woman “died suddenly” while reciting prayers:

This Indonesian Woman Passes Away While Reciting Qur’an

A FedEx truck crashed in what appears to be a “vaxxident”:

A UPS driver collapsed in Scottsdale (due to the “extreme Arizona heat”):

A young man dropped dead in a clinic, possibly in China, seemingly just after “vaccination”:

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