Our Tax Money Pushes LGBT Agenda in Sri Lanka


    from Moonbattery:

    In the olden days, colonialism entailed extracting raw materials while building the infrastructure that enabled prosperity. Nowadays, it means showering other countries with free money while promulgating degeneracy, often in the form of the destructive LGBT agenda.

    This didn’t work out so well in Afghanistan, where our government flew the “pride” flag symbolizing sexual perversion above the US embassy. Our association with decadence and depravity must have increased public support for the Taliban. Yet still our tax dollar finances drag performances in Ecuador. Look what we are paying for in Sri Lanka:

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    The Media Empowerment for a Democratic Sri Lanka (MEND) project, which is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has published at least four presentations related to gender and other LGBTQ issues in recent weeks.

    To promote transsexualism, Sri Lankan journalists are told to state their pronouns and to avoid “binary-gendered language.”

    On Oct. 7, MEND posted a presentation titled, “What are Gender Roles?”, which advises “how not to impose gender stereotypes on your child,” which includes giving both girls and boys a “wide range of toys to play with, e.g. trucks, dolls, action figures and building blocks.”

    According to our government’s ideology, children choose their own gender. Surgery may be required to bring their bodies into line with it; to oppose this is immoral. Thanks to us, Sri Lankans now know how to raise their kids.

    MEND posted a presentation in September about using “LGBTQ+ sensitive language in reporting,” which tells Sri Lankan journalists, “Do not use phrases such as ‘born a girl,’ or ‘born a boy.’ ‘Sex assigned at birth’ is the correct phrase to use. For example: ‘Ravi is a transgender man.’ Do not say: ‘Ravi was born a woman.’”

    Let’s hope daily updates are provided, so that thoughtcrime can be avoided by always employing the currently correct jargon.

    USAID has poured $7,906,904 into MEND, as inflation resulting from excessive government spending erodes our standard of living.

    A bureauweenie resorts to duckspeak to justify the waste:

    A USAID spokesperson told Fox News Digital on Tuesday that MEND “has reached over 24,000 Sri Lankan citizens through media literacy activities to help Sri Lankans access balanced, reliable, and objective news.”

    “MEND works to improve media organizations’ internal management and operations; strengthen journalists’ capacity to provide informed, impartial, and ethical reporting on key policy issues; and help the media to serve as a forum for national dialogue,” the spokesperson said.

    “Balanced,” “objective,” and “impartial” must mean “serving to advance the radical LGBT agenda.”

    Sri Lankans rejected ideological colonization by Western moonbats by overthrowing President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who was starving the country with the green agenda. Let’s hope they have the good sense to spit out the LGBT BS that our government is shoving into their mouths at our expense. Swallow that stuff and it will make you very sick, as our own country has learned.

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