Nolte: WaPo Reporter Admits Media ‘Afraid’ to Tell Truths That Anger the Left


    by John Nolte, Breitbart:

    Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple admitted that he and others at the far-left outlet lacked the courage to tell a truth.

    In the summer of 2020, the left-wing domestic terrorists in Black Lives Matter and Antifa were burning down countless Democrat-run cities. Those who weren’t burning were looting, murdering, beating, and menacing.

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    At the time, and after Twitter threatened to censor a tweet of his calling for the military to be sent in to stop these terrorists, Sen. Tom Cotton suggested the far-left New York Times publish a column about the threat of Big Tech censorship.

    The Times asked for something else, a piece laying out his reasoning behind the desire to see the military mobilized.

    The Times then published Cotton’s op-ed, which stirred up the Woke Nazis at the Times — fascists like Project 1619 liar Nikole Hannah-Jones and other cry-bullies, who demanded the op-ed be removed and James Bennet, the editorial page editor, be fired.

    Their absurd claim was that publishing Cotton’s words “puts black New York Times staffers in danger.”


    Of course, the McCarthyites at the Times bent over and did both. To justify memory-holing Cotton’s piece, the former newspaper lied about factual errors, and then Bennet was fired. In response, almost all of the corporate media either cheered this naked act of McCarthyism, this violation of everything journalism is supposed to stand for, or remained silent. This included so-called media reporters like Wemple, the very people who should have been screaming from the heavens about what a moral obscenity this was.

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