by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

    If you’ve been tracking the raft of “coincidental” food plant fires that have been occurring in Europe and the USSA, you can add another one to your list, this time, the massive Rungis produce center in Paris, according to this sad article shared by T.M., with supplemental article shared by V.T.:

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    I’m with the author  of the article (J.D. Rucker)  here.  One is a sad accident, two is a coincidence, but three or more is a pattern, especially when we’re being lectured by the likes of cockroaches like Der Hochklaus von Blohenschwab to eat crickets and other insects. Stop and think about that: after decades of the same people assuring us that pesticides were and are a necessary component of modern agriculture in order to maintain high productive levels of crops, and more recently, after assuring us that glyphosate and other ingredients in newer GMO-friendly pesticides are completely safe and not carcinogenic at all (because The Science says so), they now want us to further poison ourselves by eating the insects that eat the crops that are sprayed with the pesticides that are full of the quackcines that Baal Gates makes…. please do not turn off your phone while your booster is being updated, but enjoy some tasty peppermint flavored cricket gum.

    The plain fact of the matter is that it appears Mr. Globalooney has gone “all in” on the total dietary revision nonsense, and is trying to stampede the human population into eating bugs – an unhealthy proposition by any standard of common sense I’m aware of – by taking away the supply of normal meats and produce.

    In other words, Mr. Globalooney has declared war on humanity, and the smoke from Paris’ Rungis produce market is the proof… just remember, they had to burn down Notre Dame first before they could replace that with some sort of wacky religious theme park (which, from what I can tell of the Notre Dame reconstruction plans, is exactly what they have in mind) …

    Seriously, if this is all coincidence then I have some burned-out houses in California for sale, because everyone knows that all those fires were purely coincidental too.  Here’s another “coincidence” that happened just as Mr. Globaloney is trying to force everyone to buy over-priced and environmentally disastrous electric cars:

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