Dems Wimp Out, Retract Letter on Ukraine War Sent to Biden


by Kurt Nimmo, Kurt Nimmo on Geopolitics:

So-called progressive Democrats have abandoned their half-ass effort to get Joe Biden to talk with Russia about the situation in Ukraine. It’s said the letter sent to Biden was “walked back,” but that’s merely polite speak. In fact, the letter was withdrawn, as the following blue-checked NBC script reader Frank Thorp V tweeted:


Congressional Progressive Caucus chair Pramila Jayapa said it was all a big mistake and she blamed staff for politely suggesting Biden talk with Putin and the Russians before the situation culminates in thermonuclear war and the end of life on the planet. Apparently, a janitor forged signatures on the document as well.

Blue check former Bush speech scribbler and warmonger neocon David Frum was happy to learn the letter was withdrawn. Frum couldn’t help himself, trashing the faction he once served. He believes financing mass murder is the right thing to do.

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