Abp. Viganò: The universal Masonic brotherhood fears the power of the Holy Rosary


    by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, LifeSite News:

    Hold in your hands that Rosary that some consider a symbol of ‘religious radicalism,’ thereby seeking to disarm you and weaken your defense. But it is precisely this fear of the Holy Rosary that must lead us to hold on to it with even greater conviction.

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò addressed the faithful at Our Warpath‘s National March for Catholics on Friday. 

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    Dear friends,

    The President of Our Warpath, Joseph Rigi, invited me to speak at this first National March for Catholics, organized on the feast of St. Michael the Archangel – which the Church celebrates on September 29 – to gather under the banner of the Cross the army of those who, by virtue of the sacrament of Confirmation, have become soldiers of Christ. May all of you therefore receive my greetings, my encouragement and the assurance of my prayers.

    In a society that has neither ideals nor the capacity to fight for anything, in which the hypocritical pacifism of those who are cowardly surrenders its weapons in the face of the violence of the tyrant, you are called, as true Catholics, to bear witness to the Gospel and to show the world that Kingdom of Heaven which is conquered by the heroism of virtue and by love of God and neighbor. Hold in your hands that Rosary that some consider a symbol of “religious radicalism,” thereby seeking to disarm you and weaken your defense. But it is precisely this fear of the Holy Rosary that must lead us to hold on to it with even greater conviction.

    Behold, they are finally here. Behold, they have finally come out into the open, the proponents of the universal Masonic brotherhood, to spew their hatred for the Most Holy Rosary, which in the prayer to the Virgin of Pompeii we call a “tower of salvation in the assaults of hell, safe harbor in the common shipwreck.” And it could not be otherwise: in a war involving the spiritual and material worlds, we have the confirmation once again that what lays behind the globalist mirage is the tyranny of Satan and his satellites.

    “The State is secular,” they say. As if it were possible for contemporary man to deny God’s authority and refuse to submit individuals, families, societies, and nations to His Lordship. But this State, which calls itself secular, is in reality irreligious and ungodly, because while it chooses to profess atheism or religious indifference, it in fact offends the Divine Majesty by lowering Him to the level of idols and superstitions; it does violence to the Truth, placing it on the same level as lies and error; it maliciously deceives people, making them believe that we can be observant in private and secular in public without denying the One who created us not to “realize ourselves” or “walk together,” but to worship, serve, give glory to, and obey our Creator and Redeemer, to Whom each of us belongs and without Whom we would not have been created and saved.

    This ungodly and anti-Catholic “secular State” does not consider the prayer of the Holy Rosary as a “papist superstition” – these are the generic accusations of anti-clericals and “free thinkers” – but as a real weapon whose power terrifies them. It hates the Catholic Mass, but not its conciliar parody. It hates Catholic doctrine, but not the “magisterium” of Santa Marta. It hates Catholic morality, but praises Bergoglio for his interventions in favor of sodomy, climate and immigration. It hates prayer, and in particular the Rosary, which places at the head of our small formation Our Lady under her title of Nikopéia, She who is the Bearer of Victories, the One who – invoked by Christianity as Queen of the Holy Rosary – allowed the fleet of Lepanto to defeat the followers of Muhammad. This “secular state,” which is secular in name only, but in reality is intrinsically rebellious to Our Lord, knows what the supernatural power of grace is, what the power of prayer and fasting is, and it knows the infinite value of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. This is why it wants to prevent any public manifestation of religion, and to brand as extremists – “radical traditionalists” – Catholics who wield the invincible weapon of the Rosary or who kneel before God but do not kneel for Black Lives Matter. It is no surprise that the servants of the enemy share with him this furious aversion to the Holy Rosary: every Hail Mary that ascends to Heaven to honor the Mother of God and asks Her to intercede “for us sinners,” adds a dart to the quivers of the Angels and crumbles the precarious power of the Prince of this world, who is in reality a usurping prince who appropriates the civil and ecclesiastical authority by means of deception, knowing well that his end is near and his tyranny is close to defeat.

    The world of the Great Reset and the Agenda 2030, the world of Davos and the UN, the world of the WHO and usurious finance seem to have won. After the resignation of Benedict XVI and the electoral fraud of the American presidential elections, two figures of the katèchon were missing, the former a spiritual authority and the latter a temporal authority which could oppose the advent of the Antichrist. In their place were installed two people who are totally irreconcilable with the role they play – to use a euphemism – one chosen by the St. Gallen Mafia and the other by the American deep state and the elite of the New World Order. They are also united by their choice of corrupt and perverted friends and collaborators. The Catholic Church is eclipsed today by the deep church and the United States are eclipsed by the deep state. Both use their authority against the purpose for which they have been instituted: the salus animarum for the Church and the bonum commune for the State. And we find the leaders of the State and the Church significantly allied in the destruction of both: they meet, praise, buy and sell each other, and prostitute themselves to the elite in the hope of not being wiped out when they are no longer needed. And to show that they are devoted to the globalist Leviathan, they destroy everything that recalls the society born of Christian civilization.

    We are the “control group” of the traditional world in a globalist society, just as those non-subjected to gene serum are the “control group” that disavows the pandemic narrative. What is the control group? It is a group of subjects who, during an experiment, are kept in the same conditions as those under examination, but do not undergo the treatment that is the subject of the trial. The function of the “control group” is to exclude alternative explanations of the results and to ensure that the data from the experimental group are actually due to the variable being tested and not to unknown external influences.

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