Here Are Some Big Stories Happening Right Now That Nobody is Talking About


    by Fabian Ommar, Activist Post:

    When a spider on the queen’s coffin and a mermaid’s skin color makes more headlines than all the impactful stuff taking place everywhere, you know normalcy bias is in full effect.  

    Although I’ve never been a fan of legacy media and have always preferred ears-on-the-ground and alternative sources to remain informed, I’ve been consciously steering clear of MSM news for the past several years as a way to keep some sanity and avoid burning out. 

    However, following worldwide news and events outside our immediate reality pays off. Knowing where the winds are blowing and keeping tabs on trends can help us make necessary modifications and focus our efforts, which is why TOP is devoted to disseminating the most useful advice and news.  

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    Russia and Venezuela are currently engaged in War Olympics.

    Did you know that there are War Olympics? The Russian Ministry of Defense founded the tournament in 2015, and it included thirty nations from every continent. The 2022 edition, which took place in Venezuela’s Barquisimiento, in the northwesterly area of Lara, only 2,000 kilometers (1,245 miles) from US territory, featured 36 competitions between August 13 and August 27.  

    For those who believe in coincidences, it began precisely one day after Panamax 2022, which is “… an annual U.S. Southern Command-sponsored multinational exercise series focused on a multinational response to ensure the free flow of commerce via the Panama Canal” [SOURCE]. In Miami, San Antonio, and Suffolk, personnel from 20 countries—including the United States—took part in simulated training exercises.  


    impactful issues

    Panamax 2010

    Analysts claim that the fact that Venezuela hosted the games demonstrates the nation’s support for Russia and other nations with interests different from those of the US and its allies. A contingent of Venezuelan military personnel traveled to Voronezh, Russia, during the games to compete in a tank biathlon.  

    Delegations from numerous countries, including Russia, China, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Iran, Vietnam, and India, were among those present. Brazil took part in two events as an observer and competed once in years past. Due to the conflict in Ukraine and the tumultuous geopolitical environment, the Brazilian government opted to abstain this year in order to demonstrate its political impartiality.  

    The Russians and Chinese are engaged in creation of the multipolar world order.

    For the first time since the pandemic outbreak, Chinese President Xi Jinping has been traveling abroad to meet with President Putin and the leaders of India, Iran, and other Central Asian countries due to the geopolitical chess game. The meeting was held on September 14 and 15 in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.  


    Xi Jinping

    Beijing and Moscow established the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) in 2001 to discuss politics, trade, the economy, and security in the East and Central Asian regions. The group now accounts for 70% of Eurasia and 30% of the world’s GDP and serves as a check on US hegemony.  

    Iran has been an observer since 2005, but in 2017 it signed a memorandum committing it to full membership in the SCO and establishing formal ties to the Sino-Russian cooperation organization. The conference takes place at a time when Beijing’s relations with Washington, Europe, and Japan are strained by technological, territorial, and security concerns, and Putin is facing isolation as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.  

    Protests and strikes are coming.

    Strikes were the topic of my first piece for TOP. Specifically, recalling the truckers’ strike that in 2018 nearly brought Brazil to its knees. The public and media are not paying the necessary attention and making light of the potential SHTFs this can cause. I don’t make predictions, but I can see this simmering as the world economy rapidly declines.  

    The establishment went into alarm mode in the middle of September due to the recent threats of a rail strike in the US. There were warning signs that it would be a nothing burger, and in fact, it came and went. However, that shouldn’t be interpreted as a sign that things are fine: the issues and challenges are still there and won’t go away. If anything, they tend to worsen. At some point, the threats will start to materialize, and things will get ugly.  

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    I keep returning to the issue of protests, strikes, and social unrest because it’s real and serious. The current environment, which includes economic turmoil, low financial liquidity, rising inflation, and energy shortages, is comparable to what we saw in the 1970s and 1980s – an era rife with manifestations and riots of all kinds and sizes.

    Hundreds of significant protests have erupted worldwide in the last few years, and these are increasing. The wealth gap is growing as well, and people are nearing their breaking point. When the economy tips over and mass layoffs begin, entire populations will take to the streets, and categories will cross arms, potentially paralyzing services and utilities. Stay prepared. 

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