Here’s the natural cure for Covid-19 the CDC does NOT want you to use


by S.D. Wells, Natural News:

Ready to exit “abnormal” and get back to the real normal, again? We all are. Introducing the nearly 100 percent successful, natural remedy for the new “C” word… coronavirus, a.k.a. Bill Gates disease. Doctors at a hospital in Ocala, Florida (AdventHealth) have a treatment for the dreaded pandemic flu and it’s all about immune support — the two words the CDC never wants you to think about, speak, write, and certainly not boost using natural medicine. The FDA and Google block all knowledge about cures for disease cash machines, like swine flu, influenza, and covid.

So, without further adieu, here’s the successful formula, cheap and easy to come by, for everyone to think about, speak about, write about, and certainly consider for boosting your immune system with the ultimate, natural immune support “blend” called ICAM.

That’s of course, an acronym, as the “I” is for immunosupport using vitamin C and zinc. The “C” is for corticosteroids that control the inflammation Covid drives (that’s why ventilators are an epic fail for treating Covid properly, as they literally keep your body from fighting the infection). The “A” is for  anticoagulants that prevent blood clots.

Yes, more common sense medicine. And finally, the “M” stands for the macrolides that help the human body fight infection. Brilliant. The doctors are seeing over 96 percent survival rate since the whole “pandemic” began in America back in April.

Time to re-open ALL of America, and end this Communist Manifesto cast upon us by Bill ‘Beelzebub’ Gates and his sidekick Dr. ‘Fraudulent’ Fauci

Yes, the Demons of Social Media and Google ban, blacklist and censor every single natural cure for every single disease, disorder and pathogen that infects our systems. Make no mistake about it. Moderna is out to cripple or kill 90 percent of the human race. The masks and lockdowns are just the beginning. People are being silenced who know the truth about Covid.

There is no conspiracy theory, in fact, the FDA, or Fraudulent Death Administration, has been responsible for literally murdering doctors who find cures for cancer, autism and vaccine toxicity syndrome (a.k.a. mad hatter syndrome). Let everyone get “prescribed” the ICAM protocol, because we’ve all reached the tipping point with this rush-to-market, already deadly vaccine talk.

It’s time to reopen every store, medium and small, every restaurant and every school. It’s time to shut down the corporations, boycott buying from them all, and support local businesses only. It’s time to support the doctors and scientists who discover combinations of natural remedies for disease. It’s time to drop big pharma once and for all. Get smart. Consider this very carefully. This isn’t a pandemic. It’s bioterrorism. You’ve been attacked by humans.

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