Gervais Skewers PedoWood


by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

If you missed it, you really missed it.

If ISIS started a streaming service you’d call your agent.

Of course utterly zero of the so-called “stars” listened to a bit of it; they were all too busy snorting coke while waiting for their “awards.”  One cheap excuse for a human actually bragged about having had an abortion while visibly pregnant on-stage, stating quite clearly that “but for killing said fetus she’d have never made it in PedoWood.”  Uh huh.  When your kid shows up perhaps you can explain how the millions of dollars were worth more than a brother or sister.  Let me guess — if offered a part that required you not be pregnant off you’d go for yet another abortion right here and now, yes?

Now we know how that carpet got dyed red….

And by the way, let’s draw that distinction, shall we?  I have no uterus so I’ve never faced that decision nor can I.  But I don’t need a uterus to be able to draw a distinction between having an abortion because you discover the fetus you’re carrying is severely, even fatally flawed or bearing said child is likely to literally result in both of you winding up in the street or worse.  We can play scold all we want as both men and women of alleged “conscience” but if you fail to recognize that there is a monstrous quantitative difference between mere convenience or even worse, avarice and serious questions of privation or even a tortured existence that a rational person might choose to intentionally end on their own, well, you’re not very far up the alleged ladder of sentience.

And that, really, was Gervais point — wasn’t it?

All of these so-called “woke” folks are so damned sure they’re right yet they work for literal sweatshops and slave labor outfits, both directly and indirectly.  Apple makes its phones in sweatshops in China because it’s cheaper, damn human rights to Hell.  Disney fired its entire IT department to replace same with non-citizens for the express purpose of raising their corporate retained earnings and thus stock price, damn Americans who were there to Hell.  Amazon plays every bit of this game damning everyone to Hell.  The PedoWood folks cheer on “drag queen Story Hour” damn all the young kids who are being intentionally groomed to Hell.

Never forget that an actor or actress is hired for one and only one reason: They’re really good at lying, both verbally and in their displayed emotions.  That’s what acting is, when you boil it all down. That’s what a movie or play is — persons pretending, that is, lying, as the written script demands.

Why would anyone, ever, believe that a professional liar would suddenly be honest when it comes to anything else in their life?

All it’s about, in the end, is money.  Theirs, to be specific.

And the worst part of it is that you, Dear Reader, continue to pull the $20s out of your wallet and fill their pockets while they **** you, and everyone else who isn’t “them”, straight up the ass — whether literally and directly or via their nice stock-price proxies.


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