Snopes Writer Refuses To Acknowledge Glaring Falsehood In Fact Check On Viral Photo Of Immigrant Girl


from True Pundit:

A flagrantly inaccurate Snopes fact check rating in the immigration debate has gone unnoticed and uncorrected for weeks, despite multiple attempts by The Daily Caller to notify the site of its erroneous reporting.

Kim LaCapria, a seasoned Snopes fact checker, produced a false “fact-check” regarding the use of photographer John Moore’s picture of a crying Honduran child to depict family separations at the Southern border.

The claim Ms. LaCapria fact-checks is “News media outlets falsely reported that a photograph of a crying toddler depicted a small girl separated from her mother at the border.”

LaCapria finds that the claim is “mostly false,” saying the media outlets in question “consistently reported that the young girl was never separated from her mother.” She cites excerpts from articles published by the Washington Post and CNN to support her findings, none of which include explicit statements that the child and her mother had been separated.

However, other articles posted by both of these outlets contain language that directly states or implies the separation of the llegal-immigrant mother and child in the photo. Further, sources including NY Daily NewsBusinessInsiderBuzzfeed, and NBC have all published content using the photograph of the crying girl to discuss the separation of children at the border or saying she was separated from her mother after the photograph was taken.

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