REPORT: UK Police Threaten to Unmask ‘Islamophobic’ Facebook User to Employer


by Dan Lyman, Infowars:

An anonymous Facebook user has relayed a harrowing encounter with UK police in which they claim law enforcement threatened ‘hate crime’ prosecution and unmasking of their identity to their employer if they continued to post ‘Islamophobic’ content.

The admin of a small fanpage called “The Church of Mogg” – a reference to conservative UK Parliamentarian, Jacob Rees-Mogg – posted an explanation detailing the reasons behind a lengthy absence from social media.

According to the user’s story, they were visited in person by two UK police officers, who advised the user that if they continued to post “Islamophobic” content that was deemed “offensive to the Muslim community,” they could face prosecution under Hate Crime legislation, and should preemptively delete the page to avoid further complications.

The user was troubled by the fact that they had no idea how UK police obtained their identity and address, but after consultation with an attorney, they decided to proceed to post to Facebook as before, despite a follow-up phone call with police in which they repeatedly threatened, “Hatred will not be tolerated.”

Shortly after, police increased their pressure exponentially, placing another phone call to the user, requesting they “attend a ‘Community Resolution Meeting’ at a police station to ‘clear up’ a number of concerns they had regarding the page.”

The user, upon advice from an attorney, declined to comply with the ‘request,’ instead offering to address said concerns in writing, but was informed that if they would not present themself in person, the police would force a meeting at the user’s place of employment, which they identified by name.

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