McMaster Rules Out Panama-Style Intervention in Venezuela; Maduro Accuses US Elements After ‘Terrorist Attack’


by Patrick Goodenough , CNS News:

Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro on Sunday accused elements in the United States and Colombia of being behind what his government called a “terrorist attack” at a military base that left two people dead.


Earlier, White House national security advisor H.R. McMaster ruled out suggestions the U.S. may intervene militarily against what he called the “authoritarian dictatorship” in Caracas – as it did in Panama almost three decades ago – saying U.S. interventions in the region had “caused problems in the past.”


Venezuelan security forces are searching for a handful of men who escaped with weapons after allegedly attacking a base near Valencia. Two of the group were killed and several others arrested, state media reported.


Led by a man who identified himself as Captain Juan Caguaripano, the group of armed men announced in a video clip the launch of a “rebellion” against the Maduro regime.


The country’s armed forces, known by the acronym FANB, said in a statement the group comprised “civilian delinquents in militar