The Rift Between President Trump and AG Sessions is Very Real and Very Valid…


from The Last Refuge via Infowars:
When President Trump made his initial remarks reflecting disappointment in Attorney General Jeff Sessions it was initially unnerving.

The subsequent fallout from the public criticism has united the NeverTrump crowd, Cruzbots and professionally GOPe, to defend the honor of the much beloved former Senator. The opportunity to bash Trump is simply an ancillary benefit.

Conversely, the MAGA community has largely portrayed the rift as if the Presidential critique was part of a larger strategy between the President and Attorney General. If we wait long enough some mysterious master plan is eventually to be discovered.

However, the subsequent POTUS tweets and comments do not indicate any joint strategy at all. What they do actually show is a genuine disappointment and frustration with the focus of Jeff Sessions; and the cabinet member’s apparent unwillingness to confront the corruption within the DOJ and by extension the larger DC swamp.

It is not accidental the frustration and disappointment surface as the various opposition groups to the Trump presidency begin to target the entire Trump family. Despite some opinion to the contrary, Donald Trump does have a nuclear trigger point; target his family and you’ll find it quick. Just ask anyone who has known him for any substantive amount of time.

President Trump affirms his ‘confidence’ in Jeff Sessions’ ability to do the swamp draining and simultaneously expresses ‘disappointment’ that AG Sessions chooses not to.

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  1. sessions IS a member of the establishment as is pence so he will NEVER do the presidents bidding….as a ‘Trojan horse’ he postured as a friend to the president elect,,, since then we can see the results and he will NOT obey the Constitution ,since he is an establishment swamp POS….imho

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