Sunday, March 7, 2021

Tag: Xi Jinping Presents Vision for “the Common Destiny of Mankind” for the Next 30 Years

Xi Jinping Presents Vision for “the Common Destiny of Mankind” for the Next 30 Years


from LaRouche PAC:

In his much-awaited keynote address to the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping delivered a blast of optimism about the future of his country and the world, based both on China’s recent achievements and on the course he charted for the next 30 years. Stressing the significance of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the role of science and innovation as the motor of real economic development, Xi emphasized that “the dreams of the Chinese people and those of other peoples around the world are closely linked.” China, he said, is striving for “the common destiny for mankind and enduring peace and stability.”

President Xi also dramatically accelerated China’s own timetable of development from earlier strategies. After achieving a “moderately prosperous society” by 2020—including fully eradicating poverty—the next 30 years will be divided into two 15-year stages: by 2035 China will achieve full modernization; and then by 2050, it “will be transformed into a great society in which China will reach new heights… a strong, democratic, culturally advanced, harmonious and beautiful nation, and China will have become a fully active member of the community of nations.”

As CPC Congress spokesman Tuo Zhen eloquently put it in an Oct. 17 press conference: “It will be the first time in history that over one billion people are lifted into modernity in such a short space of time.”

Xi Jinping’s vision for the next 30 years is in many ways reminiscent of Lyndon LaRouche’s December 2004 book, “The Dialogue of Civilizations: Earth’s Next Fifty Years,” with its emphasis on basing present optimism on a scientifically sound battle plan for shaping the future. It is notable as well that, in country after country, the nearly universal first response of viewers to Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s weekly webcasts on the “Spirit of the New Silk Road,” is along the lines of: What an optimistic vision of Mankind’s future!

Xi Jinping’s speech has introduced a qualitatively new element in the strategic situation, Zepp-LaRouche commented today in a discussion with associates. Regardless of the absurd histrionics in the western media against Xi, the Belt and Road Initiative has become the key, unstoppable dynamic globally. Governments, parties, businessmen, and the population in general can see for themselves that China’s approach works and offers them the prospect of sharing in that economic growth and welfare. As one businessman commented bluntly: Yes, it is perfectly clear that either we jump on the Belt and Road train, or we watch pathetically as the caboose lights disappear into the distance.

We must seize the optimism of the moment, Zepp-LaRouche continued, by freeing President Trump from the fraudulent investigation by hit-man Robert Mueller, so that he can take full advantage of those opportunities on his upcoming Nov. 5-14 trip to Asia, including meeting with China’s President Xi on Nov. 8.

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