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Tag: Watch Before YouTube Deletes This On Vegas Shooting – We Are Witnessing The Biggest Crackdown Of Information In Internet History

Watch Before YouTube Deletes This On Vegas Shooting – We Are Witnessing The Biggest Crackdown Of Information In Internet History


by Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline:

YouTube is completely out of control and if a videographer has any opinion that does not match the mainstream media’s “official” narrative on the Vegas shooting, then they had better stick to titling their video “Watch Before YouTube Deletes’ and leave it at that because in the 4 days since we showed how vidoes were actually being removed from Google’s YouTube platform for simply offering opinions that do match the official story, YouTube has gone completely Orwellian.

YouTube is not just tweaking their algorithms so that only those they consider “authorative sources” could be found easily, but they have been removing video after video, while placing strikes on creators that temporarily (3 months) prevents them from using certain features.


In what Media Research Center (MRC)  is calling the “Google-Like God Complex,”  we are being contacted with examples of Google’s video platform YouTube actively removing Independent Media content from their platform, and we are not talking about older videos that are being re-uploaded in order to scam someone into thinking they are referencing a new event, we are talking about individuals who have used YouTube to provide their own personal analysis on a wide variety of issues, which is exactly what the platform was created for.

For example, I was tagged in a post this morning by Bobby Powell from The Truth is Viral, in reference to a video he created titled” Video Proves Official Bump Fire Narrative False, So Why Is The Government Lying?, which he shared on Facebook on October 8, 2017. In his Oct. 8 post he explained what his video showed, stating “Bump fire stocks and bi-pods could not have been used in concert to kill 58 and wound 487 in Las Vegas as the FBI and ATF are claiming. As this video proves, bi-pods are designed to stabilize a rifle and reduce recoil; a bump-rife stock depends on recoil to operate properly. The two accessories could not possibly have been used at the same time because they cancel each other out. So, why is the government lying?”

The message I found in my inbox this morning saying Bobby tagged me on Facebook, included a brief message along with visual evidence, via screen shots, showing that YouTube removed his video, claiming he had violated the their guidelines on “harassment and bullying,” as shown in the screen shot above of what we see when we try to click his video he shared on Oct. 8. Bobby’s message on the removal of his video states “What a bunch of crap. I must have struck a nerve and revealed an, “Inconvenient Truth,” by pointing out how the government is lying about the Las Vegas shooting. The video was trending too, receiving about 20K views in the last 24 hours before YouTube pulled it.”

Below is the message YouTube sent him after removing his video, screen shot compliments of his FB page:

MRC highlights another user that had content removed and strikes added to his account, who felt forced to delete all his own videos regarding the Las Vegas shooting because if a creator recieves three strikes, their whole account gets deleted.

Jake Morphonios, who runs the End Times News Report, championed the theory of a second shooter on the fourth floor of the Mandalay Bay casino. He says he presented a “fact-based analysis of the evidence” and insists “there is nothing offensive in my videos.” But Morphonios says he received a strike from YouTube for violating its community standards. YouTube takes down accounts that get three strikes in three months. 

As a result, Morphonios told YouTube viewers he deleted all of the Las Vegas videos.

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