Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Tag: “Fed Can’t Print Gold”: BofA Calls Gold “Ultimate Store Of Value”

“Fed Can’t Print Gold”: BofA Calls Gold “Ultimate Store Of Value”, Raises Price Target To $3,000

from ZeroHedge:

Back in April 2011, just before gold exploded to a record above $1,900 following the US credit rating downgrade, we first said – and Kyle Bass echoed – that the main reason behind our long-running, bullish view on gold is that the Fed can’t print gold , unlike every other asset.

Today, with a 9 year delay, Bank of America has caught up with where we were at the start of the decade, and repeating virtually everything we have said – consistently each day for over 11 years – says that while “the size of major central bank balance sheets has been stable at 21 to 28% of GDP in the past decade just like the gold price” things are changing rapidly and “as central banks & governments double their balance sheets & fiscal deficits we up our 18m gold target from $2000 to $3000/oz.”