Friday, July 3, 2020

The Globalist’s Doomsday Weapon Designed to Bring Down America

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

There is an insidious plot to bring down America. Over the next several days, a series of articles and interviews are going to be released which will leave no doubt that there is a plot to bring down America and the main thrust of that plot is being financed in places like Humboldt County and it will be manifested through the CALEXIT movement in which major parts of California will become its own country and function as a protectorate under the United Nations.

The globalists motivation lies in the fact that if they can exit California from the United States, the USA will collapse. California has about 40% of American retail running through the state. If California experienced widespread crop failure, it would bring famine to the USA and to various parts of the world who depend on California. If California were to become independent, the USA would collapse.

The Difficulty of Writing for Americans

by Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Writing for Americans, unless for their entertainment, is a challenging undertaking.  One reason is that many, especially of the younger generations, no longer have a concept of objective truth.

For them “truth” is simply a bias reflecting one’s race, gender, upbringing or predisposition.  Emotion overwhelms fact. Biases are not considered to be equal.  Some are worthy and some or not.  The biases of white people are defined as “hate speech,” “white supremacy,” and “hate crimes.”  Today America has many self-hating whites, especially in the media and Democratic Party.

Pediatricians now covertly interrogating children to find out if their parents own guns

by JD Heyes, Natural News:

There aren’t many institutions that a majority of Americans trust anymore, including the “mainstream” media, government, and even clergy. Soon, that list will likely include pediatricians.

That’s because more and more of them believe they have the right to pry into whether a child’s parents are supporters of one of our most fundamental civil rights: The right to keep and bear arms.

US Freight Volume Drops

by Wolf Richter, Wolf Street:

The services sector better hang in there.

Now it’s the third month in a row, and the red flag is getting more visible and a little harder to ignore about the goods-based economy: Freight shipment volume in the US across all modes of transportation – truck, rail, air, and barge – in February fell 2.1% from February a year ago, according to the Cass Freight Index, released today. The three months in a row of year-over-year declines are the first such declines since the transportation recession of 2015 and 2016.

And they call us the crazies? – Bill Holter

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

We posted this article over the weekend …and they call us the crazies? Let’s look at this from a very broad standpoint because if anything displays where we are as a world, financial and otherwise is captured right here!

So, a bond offering with “the worst ever” covenants is three times oversubscribed causing a repricing with less discount and lower yield than originally offered? Is this important? Is it company or industry specific? Or, is it an illustration of something far larger and systemic? I would argue the problem is definitely systemic and certainly a symptom of “mob madness”.

GOLD STRONG TODAY UP $4.60 TO $1306.90

by Harvey Organ, Harvey Organ Blog:




$250M Lawsuit: Devin Nunes Claims Twitter, Liz Mair, Cow Impersonator Conspired Against Him

by Tyler O’Neil, PJ Media:

On Monday, Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) filed a mammoth lawsuit that might change how the game of politics is played. Nunes claimed that Republican political strategist Liz Mair carried out a defamation campaign against him using Twitter, and that other Twitter users masquerading as his “cow” and his mother also defamed him, suggesting a conspiracy.

Hyper-Hypocrisy of The West about ISIS

by Eric Zuesse, Strategic Culture:

During the period of 17 September to 11 December of 2016, the United States and its allies carried out a massive operation to move ISIS’s surviving jihadists who were in the oil-producing Iraqi region of Mosul, into the Syrian oil-producing region of Deir Ezzor and Palmyra. This was done so that those oil-stealing-and-selling jihadists in Iraq would now be stealing Syria’s oil and would thereby increase the likelihood of overthrowing Syria’s long-existing non-sectarian Government. The US and its allies would then replace that Government by one which would be controlled by the fundamentalist Sunni Saud family, who own Saudi Arabia, the long-time leading oil-power, and which family are America’s main foreign ally. The Sauds are crucial to maintaining the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. The US aristocracy rely upon them.

Oh, So This Is Why The FBI Couldn’t View The Clinton Foundation Emails On Hillary’s Unauthorized Server

by Matt Vespa, Townhall:

I know it’s a story that isn’t as dominating as the 2020 contenders, the college admission scandal, or the horrific shooting in New Zealand, but the Department of Justice/FBI meddling in the 2016 election is still news. We all had suspicions that there were top-level folks screwing around. I mean, we just had revelations that top officials at the DOJ were discussing ways to remove Donald Trump through the 25thAmendment. These people weren’t elected. This was coup talk. Period. Now, we have ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page saying that there was an order handed down from the DOJ to the FBI, telling them not to charge Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information on her unauthorized and unsecured server from which she did all of her officials business when she served the Obama administration as secretary of state. And now, there was supposedly a deal between the DOJ and the Clinton camp that prevented the FBI from viewing Clinton Foundation emails (via Washington Examiner):