Sunday, January 19, 2020


from InfoWars:

Democrat academics want to divide Washington D.C. into 127 new states

Researchers at the Harvard Law Review have released an extreme proposal suggesting Congress passes legislation turning Washington D.C.’s 127 neighborhoods into new states in order to allow Democrats to ratify the Constitution and get rid of the Electoral College.

“Congress should pass legislation reducing the size of Washington, D.C., to an area encompassing only a few core federal buildings and then admit the rest of the District’s 127 neighborhoods,” the paper states.

Sidney Powell Interview With Larry O’Conner: “We Have a Witness To The Original Flynn 302″…

from The Conservative Treehouse:

Remarkable interview between the attorney for Michael Flynn, Sidney Powell, on WMAL radio with Larry O’Conner.  Ms. Powell describes the current status of the case and the filings to withdraw the guilty plea.  Additionally, Ms. Powell drops a bombshell in that they have a witness to the original Flynn-302 the government says doesn’t exist.

O’Conner does a great interview because he understands the background and details to the case.  His probing questions allow Ms. Powell to share valuable insight.

Weird Ratio that Forecast the Tech Bubble Burst Just Reappeared

from Birch Gold Group:

Many people have heard of “the 1%”, which is normally used to describe the top one percent of the wealthy.

In recent decades, as the bottom 50% of the United States has seen its collective share of income decline, the 1% has gained at their expense, gobbling up an increasingly large share of the nation’s wealth.

Feds Investigating Comey Over Leak Tied To Hillary Investigation, Report Says

from True Pundit:

Federal law enforcement officials are reportedly investigating whether disgraced former FBI Director James Comey illegally leaked classified information about a Russian intelligence document to reporters.

“Law enforcement officials are scrutinizing at least two news articles about the F.B.I. and Mr. Comey, published in The New York Times and The Washington Post in 2017, that mentioned the Russian government document, according to the people familiar with the investigation,” The New York Times reported. “Hackers working for Dutch intelligence officials obtained the document and provided it to the F.B.I., and both its existence and the collection of it were highly classified secrets, the people said.”

‘Never Trump’ Group with Ties to Soros Runs Ads Urging GOP Senators to ‘Let Bolton Testify’ in Trump Senate Trial

by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics:

This astroturfed front is working on behalf of the Democrats.

A Soros-funded Never Trump group, the Republicans for the Rule of Law, is agitating aggressively on behalf of the Democrats’ impeachment efforts in the Senate.

They are running an advertisement campaign on “Fox & Friends” and “Lou Dobbs Tonight” to urge a Republican audience to push their Senators to support bringing up witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. For some strange reason, the Fox News and Fox Business channels are allowing the ads to run on their networks.

Trump VS. Jackasses


by David Dees,

MUST WATCH: Take Back Your Power – SMART METER Documentary

from Josh del Sol:

WATCH & share this award-winning film documents the real story on smart meters.

NOTE: Remember, PG&E is Rothschild controlled, and responsible for many of the California wildfires. Know thy enemy. ~SGT

+ InPower Movement liability action:

Document Analysis: Debunking Fake ‘DoD Iran FOIA Request’


from 21st Century Wire:

There is a letter making the rounds on the internet, about a supposed Freedom of Information (FIOA) request from one Bennie Thompson (Chairman of the US House Committee on Homeland Security), to James P. Hogan, a “Chief DoD FOIA Policy” officer. Is it real, or is it fake?

Among other things, the letter claims that the Iranian missile strike on US Ain al-Assad base in Iraq on Jan 8, 2020 caused: