Saturday, September 25, 2021

As Feds Frantically Push Gun Control, 9th Circuit Overturns Ban on 3D-Printed Guns

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

For generations, advocates of private gun ownership have been fighting exhaustively through political channels to protect their right to keep and bear arms. Gun owners even have one of the strongest lobby groups in Washington, the highly disappointing NRA. Yet over the years, gun rights continue to diminish in America, despite the constant political campaigns by the NRA and politicians who claim to support gun rights.

On Tuesday, a small victory was had in the Ninth Circuit as the court overturned Trump’s ban on 3D-printed gun blueprints. The appeals court’s ruling effectively lifts the Trump-era restrictions on exporting specs for 3D-printed guns.


Australian podcaster, veteran and patriot Mike Holt joins me to discuss global tyranny and the real world actionable way to defeat it and hold tyrannical “officials” accountable for their crimes.

Montana Governor Signs Bill Protecting From Federal Second Amendment Violations

by Darian Douraghy, Big League Politics:

This past Friday Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed legislation to protect from any kind of upcoming federal legislation that threatens the second amendment rights of Montanans.

“Today, I proudly signed Rep. Hinkle’s law prohibiting federal overreach into our Second Amendment-protected rights, including any federal ban on firearms,” Gianforte posted on Twitter. “I will always protect our #2A right to keep and bear arms.”

Clinton-Obama Official: Biden Could Get Gun Control Through Congress by ‘Reframing the Issue as a National Security Imperative’

by Awr Hawkins, Breitbart:

Clinton-Obama official Steven Simon is urging President Joe Biden to designate gun control a “national security imperative” in order to get it through Congress.

Politico published an op-ed written by Simon and Jonathan Stevenson, who served as the National Security Council’s “director for political-military affairs” for roughly two years during the Obama administration.

New Gun Control Bill Expected to Pass Requires Background Checks to Purchase Ammo

by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

South Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Connecticut US Senator Richard Blumenthal were given massive coverage in the media this week to push their new tyrannical gun control law. “The Ammunition Background Check Act of 2021,” would require all citizens who wish to purchase ammo for their already-legal firearms to undergo background checks first.

The law is also called “Jamie’s Law,” named in honor of Jaime Guttenberg, one of 17 victims in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018.

On Thursday, the congresswoman from Florida took to shamelessly exploiting the Parkland tragedy to push even more senseless gun control measures.

Heh ‘Reverand’ – Go F Yourself

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:

I’m done with the racial pimp bull****:

Knoxville, Tennessee, saw a second night of protesting Thursday in reaction to the recent shooting death by police of high school student Anthony Thompson Jr.

Wednesday’s first night of unrest followed the release of police bodycam footage of the incident and the Knox County district attorney’s claim that a police officer’s use of deadly force was justified.

The video showed Thompson, 17, was carrying a gun when he was shot in a school restroom, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported.


“This has been going on too long, and we are here to say, ‘Enough is enough,’” the Rev. Calvin Skinner, a local faith leader, told Thursday’s gathering, according to the newspaper.

Thompson was the fifth student of Austin-East Magnet High School to die by gunfire in 2021, the report said.

So Now The Left Likes Guns, Perhaps They Always Have?

by Tim Kirby, Strategic Culture:

If you give people the freedom to have rope, on occasion someone will hang themselves with it, that is just the way the world works.

After a few years of racial violence, protesting that many consider rioting and parts of American cities being set ablaze in the runup to the big 2020 election, the Left may be rethinking its attitude towards guns… well at least for the moment while they need them. An interesting look at the rise of “Socialist” gun ownership in America by RT poses the interesting question – if the “pro-gun lobby is the (exclusive) domain of right-wing, conservative Republicans in America”? The answer to this lies not so much in the guns themselves (as almost all issues involving firearms) but the overall world view of those who hold them dearly or fear even the thought of them.

March Was Another Record-Setting Month for Gun Sales

by Jose Nino, Big League Politics:

Those who think Americans will stop buying guns will be in for a rude awakening.

The number of firearm background checks conducted in the US, which serves as a rough proxy for the number of guns sold nationwide, hit record levels in March. Daniel Payne of Just The News highlighted that four million background checks were conducted “for the second time in history” and blew “past the earlier one-month record set in January.”

In March, the FBI conducted 4.7 million background checks for firearms, which was 400,000 more than January’s record-setting numbers.

Even A Harvard Study DEBUNKS Democrat’s Gun Control Rhetoric | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 128

from Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense:


Ep. 1496 You’ve Been Warned, The Second Amendment Under Attack – The Dan Bongino Show

from The Dan Bongino Show:


Biden Administration Outlines Six Executive Actions They Will Initiate For Unilateral Gun Control Efforts Without Legislative Branch

from The Conservative Treehouse:

The White House has released some details of the six executive actions the JoeBama team has put together for Joe Biden to sign.

(1)  The Justice Department, within 30 days, will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of “ghost guns.” We are experiencing a growing problem: criminals are buying kits containing nearly all of the components and directions for finishing a firearm within as little as 30 minutes and using these firearms to commit crimes. When these firearms turn up at crime scenes, they often cannot be traced by law enforcement due to the lack of a serial number. The Justice Department will issue a proposed rule to help stop the proliferation of these firearms.

Supreme Court Could Greenlight Warrantless Gun Seizures

from ZeroHedge:

Last week the Supreme Court heard arguments in Caniglia v. Strum on whether police can enter a home without a warrant under a “community caretaking” exemption to the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable search and seizure. The case stems from a 2015 incident in Rhode Island in which police entered an innocent man’s home, without his permission, and confiscated his firearms.

Hillary Clinton Declares ‘Shameless’ Republicans Are ‘Gun Worshipers’

by Wendell Husebo, Breitbart:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called Republicans “gun worshipers,” who are “shameless” because of their “huge advantage” due to the filibuster.

“You know, democracy is the balancing of interests and rights, and unfortunately at this time, the gun worshipers have a huge advantage because of the filibuster and because of their shameless exploitation of people’s unwarranted fears,” Hillary Clinton said.