Sunday, August 18, 2019

U.S. Bishops Walk Back Demands for Stricter Gun Laws

by Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart:

The United States Catholic bishops toned down language calling for stricter gun control legislation in the midst of three major shooting incidents in the country.

In a July 30 statement on the Bishops (USCCB) website, Bishop Frank Dewane, Chairman of the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, stated, “Our legislators must make changes to our gun policy to prevent the loss of life,” following the shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Gilroy, California.

Mass Shooting gunman supported Elizabeth Warren; Killer was Trump-hater who despised Cops

from True Pundit:

The Ohio gunman described himself on social media as a pro-Satan “leftist” who wanted Joe Biden’s generation to die off, hated President Trump and law enforcement, and hoped to vote for Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, rifle-wielding Connor Betts rampaged through a Dayton entertainment district, killing his sister and eight other people and leaving dozens of others wounded before police killed him.

Ohio Shooter Connor Betts Was A Leftist Antifa Supporter, Praised Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Ohio mass shooter Connor Betts is a self-described “leftist” and “atheist” who praised Antifa, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and wrote “Kill every fascist” on his Twitter page, according to a report from

He also repeatedly tweeted out “Hail Satan,” praise for the terrorist who attacked an ICE facility last month and repeated Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “concentration camps” meme.

Betts’ social media footprint is the exact opposite of the “white supremacist” terror narrative the media has been pushing all day.

BOMBSHELL: Mass shooting events follow pattern of “FBI terror plots” documented by the New York Times… agents recruit social media extremists to frame as scapegoats for engineered violence

by Mike Adams , Natural News:

The mass shooting events that have rocked America over the past two days follow the pattern of “FBI terror plots” documented by the New York Times and the Kansas City Star (see sources, below) as being created and carried out by FBI agents. These two shootings were initiated in the hours following the bombshell revelation that the FBI conspired with Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration to destroy Clinton’s email hard drives as a means to eliminate any evidence of Hillary Clinton’s prosecutable crimes.

On El Paso

by Karl Denninger, Market Ticker:


An armed man, wearing hearing protection, apparently walked into a WalMart and started shooting. The number of dead is unknown; there are reports of anywhere up to 18 dead and many more wounded, or 1 dead and 18 total shot.  As with all incidents of this sort so-called “eyewitness” reports tend to be unreliable.

There was a heavy police and other federal presence in the area, perhaps because Antifa claimed to be massing there for some sort of “event.” Odds are there’s no connection, but you never know.  However, it does certainly appear to have enhanced the speed of the cops’ response.

The city is right across the border from Juarez, Mexico.

The Democrats Are the Gun Confiscation Party-Genocide ALWAYS Follows Gun Confiscation

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

If the Democrats are elected and control the White House in 2020, America is electing the party of gun confiscation and history shows that America would be electing the party of genocide, by default.

The often quoted University of Hawaii Democide Project makes is very clear that when the government goes after the guns of its citizens, genocide happens and is happened 16 times in the 20th century. But despite history speaking very clearly on this event, the Democrats running for President, in the 2020 Election Campaign, have made is abundantly clear where they stand on this issue. From the LA Times:


by Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit:

BREAKING— There was a Mass Shooting at Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival In California on Sunday night:
Gilroy is about 30 miles south of San Jose.

– Multiple Victims
– Massive Police Response
– Gunman With Rifle Reported

A witness said the shooter was wearing a black T-shirt.

Chicago Mayor is in Denial About Chicago’s Gun Control Failure

by Jose Nino, Big League Politics:

During an interview with New This News, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blamed Indiana’s relatively lax gun laws for crime in Chicago. Lightfoot does not even acknowledge Chicago gun control playing a role in the city’s notorious issues with gun violence.

Lightfoot argues that criminals take advantage of Indiana gun laws by traveling out of state and obtaining firearms to later use them on the streets of Chicago. She then called for federal gun control laws, such as universal background checks, to solve this problem.

Pediatric study claims fewer kids die from guns in states with stricter laws


from Fellowship Of The Minds:

This study was conducted for only a five-year period.

They speak about “mandated universal background checks” as if some states don’t even have UBCs.

From Yahoo (via USA Today): Children living in states with more restrictions on firearms are less likely to die from them, a new study says.

States with the strictest gun laws had about 40% fewer firearm-related deaths among children compared with states with the most lax laws, according to the study, published Monday in journal Pediatrics.

61-Year-Old Disabled Man Demonstrates EXACTLY “Why You Need an AR-15”


by Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper:

How many times have you seen a gun control debate in which someone chimes in, “Nobody needs an AR-15. What are you going to do, hunt deer with it?” It’s been a busy year for gun control advocates, passing draconian law after draconian law.

Sometimes it’s part of a heartfelt essay, like this, which is just another essay where a man bloviates about his views on high-velocity weapons.

New Zealand begins its gun “buyback collection”

from Fellowship Of The Minds:

I prefer to call this scheme “compensated confiscation.”

From MSNNew Zealand has started the first of more than 250 gun buyback collections for banned military-style semi-automatic weapons in the wake of the Christchurch mosque massacres.

Police have set up the first firearms collection event just a few kilometres away from where a lone gunman opened fire at two Christchurch mosques in March, killing 51 people.

Antifa Armed With AR-15 ‘Released Manifesto’ Before Firebombing Federal Building – Media Yawns

by Chris Menahan, Information Liberation:

Imagine if a Q-Anon believing Trump supporter armed with an AR-15 firebombed a federal refugee center after releasing a manifesto saying, “I am a fascist.”

We can assume there would be:

– Wall to wall media coverage of the “white supremacist conspiracy theorist terrorist” attack for weeks
– All white people and “whiteness” itself would be blamed for the attack
– The President and Republicans would be called on to denounce the attack and accused of tacitly supporting it and “radicalizing” the shooter