Germany Blazing New Trail: First in Europe to Officially Recognize 'Third Sex'

from Sputnik News:

Germany has joined the ranks of countries that now officially recognize a so-called “third sex.”

Germany's Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that a term covering those people who do not correlate themselves with either the male or female sex or those that eschew traditional gender identities must be created. Thus, the new term should be used in all official documents, including birth certificates.

The decision was made after an intersex person, who doesn't belong to either of the genders, according to chromosomal analysis brought about a legal challenge after attempting to change the registered sex to "inter" or "divers."

Before the ruling was made, German civil law stipulated that a child must be listed as male or female, or that particular section in the certificate be left blank.

According to judges such requirements violate the constitution's provisions on privacy and discrimination.

"Courts and administrative authorities are no longer allowed to apply the relevant standards, insofar as they amount to an obligation to indicate the sex of persons whose sex development has variations in relation to female or male sexual development and who therefore do not permanently assign themselves to male or female sex," the ruling said.

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