Steve Bannon: FBI raids 35 Trump allies as Biden admin steps up attacks on ‘MAGA Republicans’


by Ashley Sadler, LifeSite News:

‘Thirty-five members of MAGA, the Republican party, people close to Donald Trump, were rolled in on yesterday by the FBI,’ former senior Trump adviser Steve Bannon said Friday.

Dozens of Donald Trump allies had their homes raided by the Biden administration’s FBI yesterday, according to former senior Trump adviser Steve Bannon. The allegation comes amid increasingly aggressive rhetoric from Biden framing “MAGA Republicans” as “threats” to the “foundations” of the country.


Speaking to Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk on Real America’s Voice, Bannon said Friday that “thirty-five senior members, MAGA Republicans, supporters of Donald Trump,” were subjected to FBI raids on their homes the previous day.

Noting that the raids have not been reported in major outlets, Kirk asked Bannon to repeat the allegation. Bannon stated that he was “breaking the news right here” that the raids had in fact taken place.

“Thirty-five members of MAGA, the Republican Party, people close to Donald Trump, were rolled in on yesterday by the FBI,” he said, arguing that while normally the FBI would serve subpoenas to individuals’ lawyers, they chose not to do so in this case.

“All these people have lawyers, they all know who the lawyers are, [the FBI] didn’t serve these subpoenas to the lawyers,” he said. “They wanted to make a big display of it, they wanted to take a bunch of their devices. This is the FBI trying to roll in and trying to be muscle.”

“This is a Gestapo tactic,” Bannon said. “This is all about intimidation.”

The FBI did not immediately respond to LifeSite’s request for comment.

In a Friday tweet responding to Bannon’s bombshell allegation, Liberty Center founder Harmeet Dhillon stated that “this happened to many Trump allies I know as well.”

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