Between Banning Guns, Codifying Roe v Wade And Ensuring The Globalists Will Never Lose Another Election Like 2016, America Stands Perilously Close To Permanent Totalitarianism


    by David Robb, All News Pipeline:

    A democratcy is a government run by Progressive Marxist/socialist democrats (Totalitarians!). A word that is pronounced the same is “democracy” which is a government run by popular vote. On the other hand, a Republic is a government run by our elected representatives who are responsible to the electorate.

    Paradise lost 

    Ever since the 2020 election we have been living in a democratcy. A narrowly divided House with an equally divided Senate would normally indicate that legislative focus should be on those matters of common concern and of general benefit. Instead, the Progressive party (the Party) has used their slim power margins to force legislation through that benefits only their side and serves to further their own power, even when a large majority of the populace opposes the legislation.

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    When it seems that a legislative approach might be inadequate, Executive Orders without any legislative backing have been issued to radically alter our society, again to the detriment of our country and the benefit of the Party.

    Promises kept, promises broken 

    Just last Thursday, the Presumptive President in Power (PPP) spoke at a gathering of Party members. During his speech, he made a number of new promises regarding his intentions post the midterm elections. Now PPP doesn’t have the best track record keeping promises, at least for promises that benefit the country such as no new taxes for those making less than $400K per year, and that he would end Covid lockdowns as soon as he got power. The lockdowns continued for another year, and recent actions will increase both taxes and tax enforcement actions against nearly everyone making more than the average income. Other examples are left as an exercise to the reader.

    On the other hand, his track record on destructive promises has been stellar. He promised to end use of fossil fuel, and that was one of his first acts. He tried to mandate lethal injections of a chemical agent masquerading as a vaccine claiming that was part of his promise to stop Covid. I guess if you’re dead, you can’t catch Covid. He promised transparency and then had his administration try to suppress media reports and online discussions that contradicted Party positions on Covid, vaccines, treatment regimens, election fraud, climate change, and a host of other topics. The list goes on and on and on.

    The next steps 

    During a speech on 8/25/22 in Rockville MD, the PPP made the following new promises:

    “If we elect 2 more senators we gotta lot of unfinished business we gonna get done 

    – we’ll codify Roe v Wade 

    – we’ll ban assault weapons 

    – we’ll protect Social Security and Medicare

    – we’ll pass universal pre-K 

    – we’ll restore the child care tax credit 

    – we’ll protect voting rights 

    – we’ll pass election reform – and make sure no-one, no-one ever has the opportunity to steal an election again” 

    That is a long list. Some of the items seem innocuous, while others have been long-standing objectives of the Party, and highly unpopular among the general populace. We can look at a few of these promises to see what they might entail.

    Codifying Roe v Wade

    Nearly every society considers murder to be a serious crime and has severe punishments for those who commit it. Many in our society consider abortion to be murder. Others hold that until birth, and even for some period thereafter, an infant is not human and is therefore not protected by prohibitions against murder.

    This is an ongoing debate with one side not being willing to be accomplices to infanticide through allowing unrestricted abortion, while another side holds that since a fetus is not yet human, the issue is simply one of female body autonomy. The debate is ongoing and unresolved. It seems inappropriate to enforce one position by fiat as codification of Roe v Wade would do.

    Banning assault weapons

    While the Federal government has been busily arming every bureaucrat in its stable with all sorts of lethal weapons, including actual assault weapons, it has also been working at every opportunity to disarm the general populace. The Second Amendment to the Constitution has been a despised block to their efforts. The PPP has contemplated ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty as a way to circumvent the Constitution.

    If ratified, the Treaty would require registration of all small arms, limit the number and kind an individual could own, and even restrict the amount of ammunition an individual could have on hand. If challenged, the Treaty would likely be declared unconstitutional, but a provision of the Treaty is that once it is signed, it cannot be rescinded.

    Signature would create an automatic constitutional crisis where a Treaty entered into by the Executive branch would amend the Constitution in a manner not specified for legal amendments. Given the attitude of the Party toward the Constitution, they would clearly favor the Treaty over the Constitution.

    Election reforms and stealing elections 

    Some of the first acts of the PPP administration were to try to federalize control of elections, in direct contradiction of the Constitution. They would have made permanent the highly fraud conducive practice of mail-in voting, unchecked registration of voters, virtual elimination of citizenship requirements, and many other things that enable and encourage election fraud.

    Given the now overwhelming evidence of the Party’s involvement in and benefit from massive fraud in recent elections, it is understandable why they would want to make the methods used permanently available. Elections would then give the citizens the illusion of being able to participate in government while preserving the power and security of the Party.

    As for making sure no one could steal an election, passage of a law making auditing of election results illegal, and challenging results of an election a Federal felony would go a long way to ensuring a stolen election could never be stolen back. The Party could inflate voter rolls with “ghost” voters, create enough ghost ballots to endure they were “elected”, and keep on spreading mis- and disinformation that our elections are the most secure and honest of any ever before in the history of the universe.

    The false hope of 2022 

    A lot of people are pinning their hopes on the upcoming midterm elections as a way to block the destructive actions of the PPP administration until it can be replaced in 2024. Good luck with that!

    In many ways it doesn’t actually matter if there is a Red wave in November or not. After the election there will be a lame duck congress in place for over two months. All of the House and a third of the Senate could end up replaced. Those who got voted out have a lot of incentive for revenge on those who removed them. What if the Senate were to approve the UN Arms Treaty for the PPP to sign? What if congress were to pass some of the punitive voter laws that have been discussed? What other damage could they do if they were in a punishing frame of mind?

    Whatever legislation was passed in that period would have at least two years of life before 2024. New election laws could pour concrete around election fraud that would affect the 2024 outcome. With the PPP in office, any attempts by a new Congress to address the previous destructive legislation could be vetoed and it would be unlikely that enough votes could be mustered to overcome a veto.

    We stand on the precipice 

    We are perilously close to a permanent democratcy. We failed to address the fraud mechanisms that put the PPP in place in 2020. We now face the consequences of not fixing things.

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