REPORT: Judge Who Approved FBI Raid On Trump Linked To Jeffrey Epstein


    by Kay Smythe, Daily Wire:

    The federal judge who signed the search warrant used by the FBI to raid Mar-a-Lago on Monday reportedly represented those employed by convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

    Judge Bruce Reinhart, who signed off on the sealed search warrant allowing the FBI to raid Trump’s property, quit his job as a U.S. attorney in 2008 and went to work for Epstein, according to reports from the Miami Herald. Reinhart spent ten years in private practice after leaving his government position before becoming a federal magistrate in 2018, his official government biography notes.

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    During his decade of representing clients, Reinhart was named in a Crime Victims’ Rights Act lawsuit in 2011. He was accused of violating the Justice Department’s policy of switching sides and potentially leveraging insider information about Epstein’s case in order to curry favor, the Miami Herald alleged. He also made plans to set up his private practice when he was still serving as a federal prosecutor in South Florida, the outlet alleged in another article.

    In 2011, Reinhart swore under penalty of perjury that he had nothing to do with Epstein’s investigation and had zero information on his case, but his supervisors filed a court paper contradicting the claim, the Miami Herald reported.

    “While Bruce E. Reinhart was an assistant U.S. attorney, he learned confidential, non-public information about the Epstein matter … [Reinhart] ‘joined Epstein’s payroll shortly after important decisions were made limiting Epstein’s criminal liability’ and improperly represented Epstein victims in follow-on civil suits,” plaintiffs in the Jane Does #1 and #2 v. United States case alleged.

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