by Joseph P. Farrell, Giza Death Star:

    This intriguing, but entirely predictable, article came to us courtesy of L.G.L.R., to whom a big thank you for sending it along.

    The story is summed up in the headline: Argentina, South America’s other major power along with Brazil, wants into the BRICS organization. Since it’s been a while since I’ve talked about BRICS, a brief refresher might be required for those who might not know. “BRICS” is simply the anagram for the organization of nations trying to form an economic and geopolitical trading bloc in counterbalance to the hegemony of America, or as Russia now refers to the USSA, “the Empire of Lies.” BRICS stands for the major nations comprising that bloc: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa.

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    Well, now you can add Argentina to the list:

    Argentina pushing to become member of BRICS

    Argentina, lest one forget, would be a major coup for the BRICS organization, since along with Brazil it long ago closed the nuclear fuel cycle, and supplies electrical power not only to itself but to much of the rest of South America, up to and including Mexico.  As the article notes, it has an advanced infrastructure, major manufacturing, major agriculture, and so on.

    In a certain sense, this move was not only predictable but inevitable: the USSA’s empire is in severe and sharp decline because – to put it frankly and bluntly – other nations are just sick and tired of being bossed about, and if they decline to be bossed about, then sanctioned and if that doesn’t work, bombed. Just ask the Ukraine how well becoming a part of the West’s “sphere of influence” is working out.

    But there’s something that caught my eye in this article, and I hope it caught yours, for it fulfills a prediction I’ve been making for a couple of years and which I’ve mentioned from time to time in discussions with Catherine Austin Fitts, and with others. Here it is:

    He also took the opportunity to push for “an agenda for the future,” as he called for a “debate” on “the guidelines that determine the general allocation of Special Drawing Rights (SDR) of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)” and highlighted that “SDRs are also an essential tool for the necessary capitalization of regional development banks.”

    The Argentine leader also discussed the importance BRICS can play financially, arguing that “the institutional and economic weight of BRICS can become a factor of financial stability. The expansion of its New Development Bank (NDB) can be a useful instrument to strengthen national infrastructures.”

    Fernandez called on members to “agree on a common agenda” which would permit the bloc to express “concerns more effectively at the next G20 meeting,” which is scheduled for November in Indonesia.

    He also touched on the Ukraine-Russia war and called it “imperative that the hostilities in Ukraine cease.”  (Italicized emphasis added)

    These three things, taken together, spell another massive blow against the US dollar and the USSA’s waning influence, a process dramatically accelerated under the corrupt Bidenenko regime, a regime, you’ll have noticed, that few other nations want to talk to. Phone calls are not being returned.


    Argentina is really signaling the following three things: (1) the structure of the IMF’s special drawing rights, and the influence of other nations – such as Argentina – will have to be renegotiated because (2) there will need to be a capitalization of regional development banks, which means regional reserve currencies, and this in turn is needed because the world needs financial stability, and this cannot be provided under the unipolar Anglo-American model, and the vast economic weight of the BRICS organization will not allow the status quo to continue. Finally, Argentina is saying that the war in the Ukraine must cease. Translation: the West has lost, and in order to transition to stability, it needs to acknowledge that fact.

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