‘A Very English Coup’: Leaked Emails Reveal Ex-MI6 and Military Officials’ Plot to Install BoJo


    from Sputnik News:

    Boris Johnson took over as prime minister in July 2019, promising to “get Brexit done” after accusing his predecessor and fellow Tory Theresa May of being too soft on Brussels in negotiations. Brexit stepped into effect on 31 January 2020 after months of gruelling talks.
    A clique of current and former defence and intelligence officials backed by shady aristocratic financiers colluded to oust Prime Minister Theresa May and install Boris Johnson to push through a “hard” British exit from the European Union, a bombshell report by The Grayzone, citing a trove of leaked emails, has revealed.

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    The plot, apparently led by one Gwythian Prins, a former NATO and UK Defence Ministry adviser and current member of the Chief of Defence Staff’s Strategy Advisory Panel, is said to have involved spying on anti-Brexit groups, infiltrating the civil service, providing advice to senior Johnson allies, and ultimately, “killing” May’s Brexit plan and removing her from the prime minister’s seat.
    Back-and-forth emails between Prins and Richard Dearlove, a former MI6 chief who ran the intelligence service between 1999 and 2004, showed that the spymaster played an instrumental role in the operation.

    In an email dated August 2018, Prins laid out the group’s objectives, citing the need to “take the fight to our opponents, who are remorseless, by all necessary means”. This would be accomplished by blocking “any deal arising from the disastrous and craven Chequers White Paper; ensur[ing] that we leave on clean [World Trade Organisation] terms; if necessary, remov[ing] this Prime Minister and replac[ing her] with one fit for purpose”, and “cleans[ing] the polluted civil service from top to bottom”, Prins wrote.

    The “Chequers White Paper” is a reference to the May government’s July 2018 Brexit policy proposal on “The future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union”, which envisioned a common free trade area and customs territory. The proposal was slammed by some members of May’s government after its release, including then-Foreign Minister Johnson and Brexit Secretary David Davis, who resigned in protest and demanded a “hard” Brexit without single market membership or acquiescence with any EU laws. Johnson claimed at the time that the May version of Brexit would leave the UK as a “vassal state” of Brussels, and insisted that trying to defend the plan would be like “polishing a turd”.

    British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson answers a question during a news conference after his meeting with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, in Athens on Thursday, April 6, 2017 - Sputnik International, 1920, 08.07.2018

    ‘Turd Polishing’: Johnson Claims UK Will Leave EU as ‘Vassal State’, Slams May

    ‘Operation Surprise’

    Prins proposed starting up an “influence campaign” to “defeat” pro-Remain groups like Best for Britain, and to set up a “coordinating committee” of Vote Leave – the official campaigning organisation which supported the “Leave” vote in the 2016 referendum. Prins also referred to a secretive “intelligence operation” to undermine proponents of soft Brexit, dubbing it “Operation Surprise”.
    Timothy and Mary Clode, an obscure aristocratic couple residing in Jersey, a self-governing Crown Dependency off the coast of northwest France, were said to have provided financial support for Prins’ plot. So did Julian “Toby” Blackwell, a former SAS special forces soldier and owner of Blackwell’s, a major Oxford-based academic book retailer.
    In an email from 27 August 2018, Tim Clode informed Prins that Dearlove had proposed a “modus operandi” for spying on Best for Britain to ensure “maximum intel” on the group and its “co-conspirators”. Clode characterised Best for Britain as a “very valuable” target amid its reported efforts to get the opposition Labour Party to change its position on a second Brexit referendum.
    Clode also referred to Oliver “Olly” Robbins, May’s adviser and chief Brexit negotiator and his office as an “equally important target” for uncovering “the whole can of worms of rank disloyalty” in the civil service. “This to me is a key objective, if we could discover any ‘direct traffic’ between any of this disloyal civil service group and Best for Britain and its supporters, it would be dynamite”, he wrote.

    Clode even used the word “coup” in the email, apparently perfectly aware of the implications of the cabal’s plot. “As per your ‘A Very English Coup d’Etat’, this could be carefully orchestrated to achieve maximum impact, either as per The Sun – Kit Kat tapes exclusives or selected political briefings to key players”, he wrote. The “Kit Kat tapes” is a reference to leaked and highly damaging recordings published by the tabloid in March 2018, in which senior Whitehall officials compared Brexit to a KitKat chocolate bar with a ‘layer’ hiding certain aspects of May’s proposed Brexit agreement from the public.

    The aristocrat assured Prins that Dearlove had “put equal weight on both Targets and had a high degree of confidence in the civil service objective”, saying that for four to five thousand pounds, the information could be secured. “His own view, as he may have indicated, is that there IS gold in there if we can get the high-level plans of ‘Best for Britain’”, he stressed.

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