Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says Nothing Will Deter Biden Administration from Eliminating Fossil Fuels


from The Conservative Treehouse:

Current Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is a Davos/WEF devotee of the highest magnitude.  Yellen is ensconced in the worldview of those who run the operations of central banking and global finance.  She is the globalist secretary of world treasuries and has been throughout her professional life.

As more people become aware of the Build Back Better agenda, or as some would say “The Great Reset,” and its direct connection to the dreams and aspirations of the climate change ideologues in the elitist class, it is worth paying attention when Yellen says nothing will deter the Biden administration from eliminating fossil fuels; and it is her role to make that objective financially possible.


Yellen emphasizes the Biden administration position about how the conflict in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia are an example of why the global energy resources need to fundamentally change to renewable resources.  Her strength of advocacy, in alignment with the Davos/WEF position, is yet another data-point to highlight the predictable cleaving of the world economies into two distinctly differing groups of nations.  WATCH:

It doesn’t matter how economically painful it is to chase these energy policies, the elitists who operate western government are all-in on the same program.  The same western governments who used totalitarian emergency powers to destroy liberty and freedom under the guise of COVID-19 mitigation, are the same western governments now aligned to use the crisis in Ukraine to advance their energy ideology.


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