Thursday (Friday) Conversation – Keith Neumeyer


by Turd Ferguson, TF Metals Report:

As you know, Keith Neumeyer is President and CEO of First Majestic Silver. He’s also a longtime friend of TFMR but someone we’ve not had a chance to record with for over a year so please take some time today or over the weekend to give this podcast a listen.

First of all, you should know that First Majestic has been a primary holding of mine for years. Keith does a great job, he’s a tireless advocate for a more equitable pricing system and he’s also a great ally in the fight against The Banks. If you’re not familiar with First Majestic, you should definitely take time to learn more about the company through a visit to their website.


For today’s call, Keith and I focus upon a couple of major themes with a few other details mixed in, such as:

  • First Majestic’s latest earnings report, complete with details regarding cash reserves, production results and revenues
  • The rationale for increasing the dividend each share pays and authorizing a possible stock buyback program
  • How First Majestic manages the supply and distribution of their mining products through the current, very tight wholesale market
  • Updates on two other companies with which Keith is involved…First Mining Gold and Snowline Gold
  • What the current stresses within the global commodity markets may signal for gold and silver prices in the months ahead

Many, many thanks to Keith for carving out some time to record this podcast. Even if you’re not currently a shareholder in First Majestic, I’m confident that you’ll find this podcast to be both informative and helpful.

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