A Fourth Booster Program Will Kill 20 American Citizens and Will Maim 2,500 via Car Accidents on the Way to the Doctor’s Office


    by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, Global Research:

    There are over 38,000 fatal car accidents in the US each year. There are about 411 billion car trips per year.

    There are 216 million Americans who are “fully vaccinated”.

    If all 216 million vaccinating Americans travel to the doctor’s office to take a fourth COVID-19 vaccine, the risk of dying on the way is

    (38,000/411,000,000,000)*216,000,000 = 19.97 people who will die.

    There are 4,800,000 car accidents that lead to the need for medical care each year.

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    Math says that about 2,500 people will have to seek medical attention for mild and serious injuries from car accidents if 216 million people travel to the doctor’s office to receive the fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Dr. Vinay Prasad discusses the report being cited to support a fourth dose.

    The efficacy measure? Prevalence of sore throats.


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