Five Important Stories Mainstream Media Has Been Ignoring in Favor Covid Fear and Divide


    by Matt Agorist, The Free Thought Project:

    While the mainstream media continues to either outright propagandize the masses, or make abstruse any semblance of factual reporting; The Free Thought Project stays dedicated to bringing you the information they refuse to talk about.

    Time and again MSM pundits have demonstrated themselves to be stenographers of the State rather than the arbiters of critical journalism speaking truth to power —  Particularly in this day and age where examples like this are innumerable. This is why publications like ours exist.

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    To that point, living in such an era of deliberate deception via the corporate press as we do, there remains a plethora of vital stories the public needs to know that tends to slip through the cracks.

    As such, TFTP has decided to resurrect an old practice of ours — In addition to our regular reporting we will also put forth the initiative to provide a collection of brief updates and further insight into additional news stories kept from the public eye, but very much within the public’s right to know.

    So here are five additional stories you likely haven’t heard from the mainstream media as they shoved Omicron down our throats 24/7:

    1.) The Spying Scandal You Haven’t Heard Of: NodeXL.

    By now most of us are aware of the constant illegal mass surveillance taking place on all members of the public at all times. Since the 2013 revelations of the NSA’s illegal spying program by Edward Snowden, it’s become common knowledge.

    However new information about the extent of the surveillance state continues to come forward, despite the lack of headline coverage of it. What many may not be aware of is that it is not just the United States that has erected a global panopticon of 24/7 snoops. Our ally Israel is arguably the next runner up in the “how much illegal crap can we get away with” contest.

    Enter NodeXL; NodeXL is a popular software package used with a multitude of different Microsoft products. It’s also recently been revealed as the means by which Israel has conducted its illegal spying operations on a plethora of unsuspecting people.

    On a recent episode of RT’s Redacted Tonight, journalist Lee Camp was joined by cybersecurity expert Sean O’Brien who shed some light on this startling, though admittedly not necessarily surprising, disclosure.

    O’Brien went on to reveal that the technology has been utilized in coordination with the United States to mount massive surveillance campaigns on a number of those targeted as “dissidents” — which include but not limited to; supporters of Julian Assange, reporters within the alternative press, and other anti-establishment activists such as those who speak out against police brutality.

    2.) New JFK Assassination Information Dismantles The Official Story

    Oliver Stone is known for his legendary work as a writer and director in the film industry. Having his name attached to such classics as Scarface and Platoon. However some of his most impactful work comes from the documentaries he’s produced regarding the life and death of President John F Kennedy.

    Stone has never been a stranger to controversy, often speaking out against the war machine and asserting the importance of critical thinking. His latest documentary continues to follow in those footsteps.

    JFK Revisited: Through The Looking Glass, as the name suggests is a powerful piece in which Stone revisits some of the most compelling and curious information regarding the death of President Kennedy. On the backdrop of newly uncovered information that purports to completely discredit the official story.

    With Stone going so far to say —

    “In the years since the Warren report there is so much more that we know. Conspiracy theories are now conspiracy facts.”

    recent report featured in Covert Action Magazine, one of the oldest independent media publications to take aim at reporting clandestine affairs, sheds light on some of the bombshell information the film uncovers — directly implicating the apparatus of American intelligence agencies.

    Stone teams up with fellow JFK assassination researchers to show how the former President’s policies posed a threat to the ruling class and military industrial complex. Exposing a web of intelligence community connections to both Lee Harvey Oswald, and Oswald’s killer Jack Ruby.

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