Condition Red Revisited: White Male Erasure in Advertising


    by Edmund Connelly, The Unz Review:

    Erasure in Advertising

    One year ago, I wrote a massive 7,000-word photo essay demonstrating the disappearance of White males in visual advertising and related areas. It really is a stunning development and simply can’t be missed. From The Occidental Observer, it was picked up by The Unz Review and became my most viewed and commented upon essay I’ve ever done, garnering 730 comments. And I think that’s fair because it was highly informative, visual, intense, and it explained who was
    deliberately airbrushing the White male out of the mediagenerated visual arena as part of a brutal War on Whites. That long photo essay is even more necessary now because over the last twelve months, there has emerged an unfortunate error in that far too many pro-White writers are now directly blaming blacks for their visual replacement of White males. Blacks, however, have zero agency in this war and are obviously being used as frontline shock troops against the White race, as they have been since the end of the Civil War. The real power, of course, belongs to world Jewry.

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    Today I am less ambitious than last year and will simply offer an updated reprise of my earlier photo essay, with the goal of exposing new readers to images of White erasure and an explanation of how Jews prosecute this theater of The War on Whites. It should also act as a “booster shot” (those being all the rage this year) for those who read or skimmed last year’s essay. It sure was long, and the way it was broken up into two sections likely encouraged some people to skip Part Two, which was actually the meat of the essay.

    For that reason, I will offer here links to last year’s long essay because it is still entirely relevant — maybe more so than before because the White male erasure has actually become more blatant and pervasive, if that’s even possible. Here are
    the links:

    That out of the way, I’ll begin this reprise, offering an encouraging notice from one of the more prominent “old-school” personalities with pro-White sympathies, Paul Craig Roberts, who posted these comments to my essay:

    Dismissal was the liberal-left’s old technique. Today you are erased. Edmund Connelly writes that white Americans are now being visually displaced and are becoming invisible in their own country.

    Connelly writes that as a consequence of the bold and growing efforts of those who demonize white people, “The white male has become the monstrous Other in his own nation, a nation he does not recognize and that no longer recognizes him.”

    To demonstrate the disappearance of the white American male, Connelly examines the advertisements that we see every day. White males do not appear in them, and white females appear only with black males. As visual images help to form
    our sense of ourselves, the erasure of the white male removes from society’s picture of itself the backbone of Western civilization and presents white women as the property of black men.

    This Jewish weaponization of imagery is hardly new, evidenced — by chance — by an astute essay I just read by fellow TOO writer Andrew Joyce. In it, he examines how White children have been taught to value the Other while loathing
    White identity. As early as the genesis of Sesame Street, this process was cunningly put in place, as this photo shows:

    Joyce notes that Sesame Street was conceived as “a program that exposes young children to a variety of attractive black and Hispanic models,” a technique on steroids today. Of course it’s par for the course that “idealistic urban Jews were integral to Sesame Street’s origins” and that “These efforts to modify the behavior of White children via television were closely related to earlier Jewish efforts, in the 1950s and 1960s, to modify White racial attitudes.” It’s continued apace ever since, reaching truly shocking levels today.

    Cribbing from last year’s essay, here’s an example. A close relative’s elementary school in an extremely White area brought home a brochure for school photos. About it, I wrote:

    Not one — not ONE — image of a White boy. Based in Minnesota, Lifetouch, the company responsible for these photos, “provides photography for families, schools, and places of worship, has over 22,000 employees, and operations in all 50 states and Canada.” It is described as “The world’s largest school photography company.” Surely this photo company understands the symbolic value of images, but, alas, this is the hell our Hostile Elite has created for us Majority Whites. (Incidentally, when I went to Lifetouch’s homepage just this second, here was the banner that greeted me) :

    Next, I discussed the execrable Scholastic News, which, like almost all public school education across the board, is directed at non-whites like this:

    Among other things, I unpacked the image of one of the rare White boys to appear:

    As usual,

    There’s never meaningful variation in this script: an Asian boy is passively pouting, while a brown girl sternly (and morally) lectures the culprit — a little White bully. And not just White but decidedly Nordic. Remember, for propaganda to be effective, the message must be endlessly repeated: “White Boy Bad!” And it’s quite an audience they have: “Over 6 million students read Scholastic News every week!” Incidentally, I don’t see much reading material from Scholastic, as it is composed overwhelmingly of pictures, images that are meant to instill an anti-White agenda, not boost reading skills. In other words, it’s of a piece with almost all public education material.

    The year 1966, the germ of Sesame Street was planted. The year 2020, when White male children do appear, they are the bad guys. Straight-line vilification.

    Now let’s start our update, almost randomly, as though you’re passively viewing TV, surfing the Net, or leafing through a magazine at your dentist’s office. Overwhelmingly, chances are you will see things exactly like the following:

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