Biden’s Illegal Migrants Should ‘Pay Their Way’ Into America, Unloading Cargo Ships Stuck Off California Coast


by Robert Bridge, Strategic Culture:

The travesty of justice must end if the United States has any hope of remaining a free and democratic sovereign state, Robert Bridge writes.

In September, the full madness of Joe Biden’s open border season became painfully visible as some 12,000 illegal Haitians were filmed huddled under the Del Rio International Bridge seeking shelter. So shocking were the images, which could have passed for one of Dante’s nine circles of hell, that the FAA banned news media from flying drones over the humanitarian wasteland.


Ironically, at the very same time these illegal migrants were getting ushered into the U.S. mainland with nowhere to go, international cargo ships were being restricted from delivering their shipments at U.S. harbors. Many of the vessels are still adrift at sea today, idling off the coast of California and beyond. So bad is the backlog, in fact, that Vice President Kamala Harris broke the news to Christians that Santa would have some trouble fulfilling orders on time this Christmas.

“The stories that we are now hearing about the caution that if you want to have Christmas toys for your children, it might now be might be the time to start buying them, because the delay may be many, many months,” she said at a conference in predominantly Buddhist Singapore, of all places.

In any case, instead of calling out the real Grinch behind the global gridlock, which was the Democrat’s draconian kill-switch response to the Covid pandemic, Harris blamed climate change for spawning “stronger typhoons” and a “sea level rise” that has purportedly wreaked havoc on “port infrastructure.” Does anyone recall the Weather Channel reporting on cargo ships going missing at sea lately, or was Harris just offering a tantalizing hint that climate change lockdowns are the next big event on the horizon?

Whatever the case may be, despite clear skies, listless sea conditions, and not a single polar iceberg in sight, over 70 cargo ships are double-parked in the Pacific, anxiously waiting to drop anchor at Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, and a number of other ports of call.

Harris conveniently failed to mention it, but the real reason for these logjams is simply a lack of longshore workers who have been sidelined one way or another by the pandemic, or more precisely, the Democrat’s irrational response to the pandemic, which effectively destroyed a large swath of the economy, not to mention jobs. Not all is lost, however, here seems to be a perfect opportunity for the Democrats to make amends and wed two of their disastrous domestic policies – draconian lockdowns amid a surge in Covid cases, and an open door policy at the U.S.-Mexico border – into one beautiful accidental marriage.

Instead of dispatching tens of thousands of illegal migrants from Haiti to sanctuary cities around the country, where their chances of catching a glimpse of the elusive American dream in its natural habitat are predictably slim, why not send them straight to California? Here they can earn an honest wage for their free food, board and health insurance instead of living off American taxpayer.

It’s important to note that the overwhelming majority of these illegal aliens do not speak a lick of English, or even Spanish for that matter (Haitians speak predominantly French and Haitian Creole, which will prove to be a severe impediment during any future job interviews), so working the docks seems to be a job they would perfectly qualify for under the grim circumstances.

And what is truly fascinating about these newly arrived migrants is that they appear to be impervious to Covid, despite having arrived in the United States after traveling the length of Mexico, which ranks as one of the countries that the U.S. government has warned its citizens to avoid due to high rates of Covid.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Security Secretary, admitted during a congressional hearing that apprehended immigrants have been released into the American wild without being tested for COVID-19. Yet, both foreigners and Americans arriving to the United States – including fully vaccinated people – are required to show a test result taken three days prior to flying, or that they have recovered from Covid in the past three months. The illegal aliens arriving from only God knows where are not required to show any such documentation. Needless to say, that flies in the face of common sense, if not good science, which the Democrats seem to think they understand better than anyone else. Clearly they do not.

Under the Trump administration, illegal migration to the United States slowed to a trickle following the passage of a public health order by the CDC known as Title 42, which gave border patrols the authority to expel the illegals. Although the Democrats screamed that this ruling was a travesty and “racist,” it was certainly more humane than having thousands of Haitians seeking shelter under a bridge following a harrowing journey that exposes them to every imaginable horror, including robbery, rape, murder and, yes, Covid.

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