TYPICAL: Silver PLUNGES As Everybody’s Favorite Silver “Advocacy” “Movement” Abandons Silver To Pump Penny Stocks, Again, And To Jump On The Uranium Bandwagon


from Silver Doctors:

Sick of the Rigged Casino, our corrupt fiscal policies and our evil, unethical and Unconstitutional monetary policies?

(by Half Dollar) Sick of the continued attacks on gold & silver?

Don’t be.

Be sick of the Gamblers in the Rigged Casino instead.

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For they enable this crap.

Do they not?

Be honest.

That said, there is only one way to end the manipulation of silver, and that way has absolutely zero to do with everybody’s favorite silver “advocates” du jour.

Because being fake, fraudulent and phony will never end the manipulation.

So if you’re sick of the manipulative price suppression of silver, then there is only one thing to be done, which is the one thing that could only ever be done:

Starve the Beast.

There is no other way.

There is no other way but up in the US stock market:

With the so-called “infrastructure” plan delayed, with the stupid “to taper or not to taper” armchair quarterbacking going on, and with those dang Chinese commies dealing with their very own “Lehman moment” (kinda like DB in ‘16 for those who think this ship’s goin’ down), the market riggers wouldn’t decide to bring some “pain” to the stock market to spark off yet another even bigger round of enriching themselves and their bestest buddies in Washington and on Wall Street, would they?

I mean, it’s just getting so scary-scary out there:

All this talk about a crashing stock market and surging volatility.

Part of my call all along has been 95 on the DXY:

We’re once again closer to 95 than we are to the death of the dollar, or even 90.

Looks like this rising channel’s resistance line pierces 1.4%:

As if the technicals matter right now.

What matters is bringing Economic Misery and Financial Ruin to America:

Not to worry though, for our “Elected” “Leader” is looking into why gas prices are so high.

I imagine the Fed & the Feds are drooling over copper falling below four bucks:

We are in a super-duper ginormous deflationary crap-storm, you know!

Lots of chatter that palladium has bounced:


Platinum’s still not quite enticing enough:

Could we just be able to exchange our fake money for real money at $800 already, please?

Silver is finally overshooting gold to the downside:

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