The Occult Meaning of Shenseea’s “Run Run”: Sacrifice for Fame


from Vigilant Citizen:

In her first video after signing with a major label, Shenseea partakes in an infernal ritual that ends with a sacrifice. Indeed, the video “Run Run” appears to confirm a rumor that has been circulating in Shenseea’s native Jamaica for a while: She sold her soul to the occult elite.

When I write about a new artist that’s suddenly popular, I usually briefly describe the path that led them to mainstream media. And, from one artist to another, that path is strikingly similar. First, the artist is unsigned but has a sizeable following and is generating quite a buzz. Then, the artist gets signed to a major label (often Interscope Records), and everything changes: The artist suddenly starts making the one-eye sign in photoshoots and releases a ritualistic video filled with occult symbolism.


Shenseea – a popular artist from Jamaica who is crossing over to the mainstream – followed this exact path. After releasing remixes and collaborating with popular artists (including Sean Paul and Christina Aguilera), Shenseea’s notoriety grew in Jamaica and across the world. In 2019, Shenseea signed with … Interscope Records. Shortly after, things got very … occult elite.

profilpice The Occult Meaning of Shenseea's "Run Run": Sacrifice for Fame

Shenseea’s profile pic on Instagram is now a one-eye sign.

sheenseeaoneeye e1627416358557 The Occult Meaning of Shenseea's "Run Run": Sacrifice for Fame

In a recent photoshoot, Shenseea makes an unmistakable one-eye sign.

A few months after signing with Interscope, Shenseea’s mother died unexpectedly, an event that was widely mediatized in Jamaica. While several artists showed her support, intense rumors circulated that Shenseea sacrificed her mother for fame.

2021 07 27 16 07 24 Shenseea addresses rumours that she sacrificed her mother Buzz e1627416973589 The Occult Meaning of Shenseea's "Run Run": Sacrifice for Fame

A headline from Buzz Carrabean about Shenseea having to address the persistent rumors regarding blood sacrifice.

While these kinds of accusations are difficult to prove, Shenseea’s first video Run Run only added water to the mill. Why? Well, for starters, it depicts a ritual sacrifice to Satan himself.

2021 07 27 16 18 29 Shenseeas Run Run Video is Demonic Says Foota Hype Mr Vegas Disagrees yard e1627504956212 The Occult Meaning of Shenseea's "Run Run": Sacrifice for Fame

A headline from Yard Hype about artist Foota Hype claiming that Run Run is “demonic”.

2021 07 27 16 18 56 Shenseea Gets Backlash Over Satanic Imagery In ‘Run Run Video – DancehallMag e1627505048684 The Occult Meaning of Shenseea's "Run Run": Sacrifice for Fame

A headline from Dancehall Mag about the backlash against the Run Run video.

2021 07 28 16 39 57 Rvssian defends Shenseea over claims she sold her soul Buzz e1627505091539 The Occult Meaning of Shenseea's "Run Run": Sacrifice for Fame

A headline from Buzz Caribbean about producer Rvssian defending Shenseea from accusations claiming that she sold her soul.

As you can see, Shenseea has become a controversial figure in the dancehall community as some believe that she was “chosen” to infect it with the occult elite’s sickness. With that being said, is Run Run truly “demonic”? Let’s take a look.

Symbolic Video

Run Run was directed by one of the elite’s favorite directors: Christian Breslauer. His most recent videos are Lil Nas X’s Industry Baby and Bebe Rexha’s Sacrifice which is about a guy being tortured and sacrificed … while Rexha drinks blood.

In Run Run, Breslauer took a big innovative step by making the video about … a guy being tortured and sacrificed. There’s also lots of imagery that’s reminiscent of Lil Nas X’s Montero where he literally descends into hell.

In short, Run Run is not about “art”, it is about forcing the same exact imagery down the throats of people. Shenseea was simply chosen to bring that crap to Jamaica.

Like countless other songs released by pop stars in the past years, the lyrics of Run Run are about a guy who did something bad. And that justifies the vicious scenes of revenge we witness throughout the video.

While the lyrics of the song are about Shenseea running from a guy because he’s bad, the video depicts a reverse situation: The guy is running away from Shenseea … because she’s gone mad

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